XLarge clear quartz Laser wands

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XLarge clear quartz Laser wands 

Diamantina Brazil 

Extra Large clear quartz wands ~ Nice Large pieces 😍
Really potent energy directors- Typically used to remove energy blockages and direct quartz energy where it needs to be. Check out our WANDs photo album for details on how to use quartz wands.
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ONE (left)5.5”long x1.2x1” 120 grams $38
TWO (middle)6.2” long 1.5 x1.2 205 grams $54
Three(right) 5.5” long 1.8x1.3 185 grams $42

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More about clear quartz crystal wands

Crystal Wands accumulate and direct energy. The elongated and cylindrical shape of most Crystal Wands enable the crystal to focus its healing energy in a straight line.

The Crystal Wand’s point will focus the wand’s energy so that it can be directed and used on a specific part of the body.

It’s the power of your intentions that move the energies of the Crystal Wand, so it’s important to program your wands for their intended purpose.

Before using your Crystal Wand, you will need to spend time with it to familiarize and harmonize yourself with its energies. The better you know your Crystal Wand, the more beneficial its effects will be.

You can hold it in your hand while meditating. Simply sit and feel its shape, weight, and texture.

Visually examine the Crystal Wand to get to its patterns and any changes in color that it can have.

You can sleep with your wand and even take a bath in it. You will still receive its healing energies even when you’re not actively using it.

They will also increase your physical energy and remove blockages in the body that are preventing the proper functions of the organs and systems.

A Crystal Wand can also address sexual dysfunction and boost sexual energy. It can dispel depression, irrational fears, and other stress-related illnesses.



Diamantina Lazer Quartz is a rare form of Quartz from a mine in Diamantina, Brazil. These StarSeed Quartz Crystals are said to be encoded along their 'etched' surfaces where there are numerous glyph patterns on the sides of the crystals. These particular pieces are bonded together & when this happens it is called a Twin Flame or Soulmate stone ✨ Believed to hold ancient information & intelligence it can connect you with your ancestors & cosmic wisdom. Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" & is used in all types of healing practices.


A Twin Flame/Soulmate crystal will help you to connect more deeply with your partner. It may strengthen your psychic connection to them, bringing you two together, both mentally & in the physical world 💜 If you are searching for your Soulmate & wanting a true cosmic connection then this is a stone you should be working with!


These Diamantina Lazer Quartz wands carry extremely high vibrational frequencies & are great assets to a healer. They are wonderful when used for manifestation grids, as they can amplify, tightly focus, and accelerate one's intention into the grid ✨ Not only beautiful, but extremely useful for raising your vibration, as they can clear that which no longer serves you & help you find clarity in what was previously blocked. Experienced crystal healers find them to be essential when working with clearing a patients stuck energy or illness, including psychic surgeries.

The XLarge clear quartz Laser wands is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Feb 06, 2023