Tibetan Black Quartz cluster

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This amazing little black Quartz cluster packs a powerful punch! The protective energy radiates from it and you feel it deep inside. 


Approx 70 grams Approx 2.25”

You receive this exact piece - Small-Medium size

Tibetan Black Quartz is a high vibrational and potent protective crystal that worth be discovered – Explore Tibetan Black Quartz’s meaning, healing properties, and captivating benefits.

Tibetan Black Quartz is a powerful crystal that reflects the beauty and the magnificent diversification of planet Earth.

This potent stone radiates the energies of protection, strength, stability, and divine balance.

Tibetan Black Quartz is a strong energetic crystal that emits the frequencies of protection, energy cleansing, and aura purification. This crystal generates a very high vibration that works on protecting its wearer from toxic and low energy frequencies.

Want to discover more about this ancient powerful stone?

Keep on reading, to discover Tibetan Black Quartz meaning, chakra, healing goods, and how you can use it to benefit from its powerful protective and guarding powers. 

What is Tibetan Black Quartz?

Tibetan Black Quartz is a member of the Quartz family. It is naturally designed as either single or double terminations. Tibetan Black Quartz is a clear/colorless Silicon Dioxide mineral that has minor to saturated dark inclusions. These inclusions/spots are due to the presence of Carbon, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, and other dark minerals.

It is important to know that this crystal is not a black-colored stone, however, the intensity of the black color varies from a crystal to another.

For example, you can find a Tibetan Black Quartz that is a clear/colorless crystal with few black inclusions or spots, and on the other hand, you can discover the same crystal that is totally covered by a deep dark color.

Plus, the hardness of this beautiful Quartz type is measured at 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. 

Is Tibetan Black Quartz rare?

Tibetan Black Quartz is considered a notably rare crystal, and this is could be due to the method of its extraction and mining. It is well known that this type of Quartz is actually mined by hand exclusively by Tibetan people from high altitudes in the Tibet Mountains because machines could not access such high heights and complex geography.  

Tibetan Black Quartz meaning

Tibetan Black Quartz is a highly vibrational crystal that provides protection and purification. It is considered one of the most potent protection stones to be shielded from harmful energies and low vibrations. It is a powerful crystal that supplies its wearer with strength and courage to overcome life challenges.

Tibetan Black Quartz chakra

Tibetan Black Quartz is connected to all chakras. The magnificent vibrations of this crystal purify, balance, and protect all the energy centers in the body. The powerful frequencies of Tibetan Black Quartz crystal channel a deep healing energy flow that restores and rejuvenates the energy field as a whole. 

Where does Tibetan Black Quartz come from?

Tibetan Black Quartz is found in the Himalayas Mountains in Tibet and Nepal.  The Himalayas are considered to be one of the holiest, most divine, and spiritual places on Earth, which naturally makes us presume that every stone extracted and discovered in this magical land carries high vibrational frequencies. 

What does Tibetan Black Quartz do? – Tibetan Black Quartz metaphysical properties

Tibetan Black Quartz is the ultimate crystal for protection and purification. This crystal radiates potent protection energy that will preserve you from bad demoralizing types of vibration. Its purification abilities allow you to cleanse your whole energy field which empowers you to experience a high vibrational, happy, and positive life. 


Tibetan Black Quartz is known as a master healer stone. The energies of this crystal stimulate the overall physical vitality.

It is said that Tibetan Black Quartz can be effective in repairing and healing the immune system and also the nervous system.

This crystal also has the awesome ability to improve energy healing.

Sometimes during the year, if you are stressed or overworked, you may feel exhausted and totally drained as a result your energy reserves will be empty and you end up feeling just “flat”, so using Tibetan Quartz in this particular case is the right decision to make to recharge your batteries.

It is also recommended to put a small piece of Tibetan quartz above the digital screens (such as a computer or television) to keep away and erase the effects of electromagnetic waves to feel rested and more awake.




Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Tibetan Black Quartz cluster.

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