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Spring Equinox Custom Tumble Set

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Grab our limited edition  Spring Equinox Set! 
includes one of each pocket or raw stone each  

💐The Spring Equinox,💐or Vernal Equinox, represents rebirth, vitality, awakening after a slumber. 
We have a custom set that includes one pocket stone/raw piece of each available on the shop! 
A new year of energy bursts forth in March, much more than our traditional calendar observation in January. There are a number of crystals that resonate the energy of spring, help to perk up your energy, and allow you to have a greater focus on manifesting new beginnings and starting new goals for yourself. Here are some great choices for the Spring Equinox 💐 
A stone of joy, peridot was known in ancient times as chrysolite and was considered by early Christians to be a sacred stone.  Ancient people considered peridot to be a gift from the heavens and were considered a sign that spring would be abundant. Peridot dissipates negative patterns that are blocking your progress in life. 
A stone of fertility and rebirth, ruby enhances vitality and reduces fatigue. It encourages growth not only on the physical level but also on the spiritual. Helps you mentally by providing energy to keep your mind sharp and engaged. 
Known for chasing away the blues on rainy days or during the winter, sunstone encourages independence, the nurturing of self, and service for the benefit of others.  
Ocean Jasper
A stone of positive, ocean jasper carries the energy of the sea – joyful, calming, & soothing. Ocean Jasper gently brings into focus the positive aspects of your life, so that you can practice gratefulness. 
Moss Agate 
This stone has long been associated with abundance and fertility of all kinds. Moss agate helps to balance emotions and encourages fresh starts by assisting supporting new inspiration and initiatives. 
A stone of transformation, azurite stimulates creativity, communication, intuition, and opens your inner sight.
Use celestite to help your connection to the divine energies that assist your life. Celestite is also a stone of peaceful and calming energy. 
Life is too short to live without the Spring Equinox Custom Tumble Set. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 26, 2023