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Shungite XLG Cube

  • $80.00

Huge Shungite cubes 

70MM 3”x3” 

Weighs 1.1 pounds 

“The Miracle Stone”




Will assist one to adapt and adjust to the new frequencies presented to the earth sphere, as many begin their ascension into the higher realms of existence.


Shugnite is a very rare and powerful stone, almost 2 billion years in age. It is a mineral hailed as containing this healing power which nothing else excels in comparison. The healing properties of Shungite have labeled it a miracle stone. Therefore, it is the one stone that everyone should have in their medicine bag, because of its ability to purify, charge, protect, cure, induce recovery, stabilize, heal and promote growth to all living organisms. It also purifies water of almost of all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful micro-organisms.


Shungite protects one against the draining/stealing of vibrational energy from other people.


Shungite is a stone with a strong connection to the Earth, which makes it a good aid for grounding. However, it not only opens and stimulates the Base Chakra, but it, also, triggers the opening and stimulation of the Earth Chakra. Therefore, it is not only a good grounding stone, but also is a strong aid for spiritual grounding.


Shungite has a strong mystical energy. It will help anyone involved with magical and mystical practices.  It’s deep primordial energy embodies energies of ancient spirits, which come into play in a protective role during magical work. Shugnite a great protector, a guardian and a body guard. It infuses the auric field with light, which shields the holder with a coat of black permitting only positive and beneficial rays to come through.


The grounding and protective energies of Shungite make it a powerful protection stone.

Shungite works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies “attacking” the seeds of destruction and decay.

Shungite molecules slow down the growth of cancer cells and can slow down the AIDS virus.

Shungite will often come across as a stern and disciplined teacher, ready to impart its sacred wisdom with those committed to a higher path of evolving. As its frequency can and will align to those who begin to embrace and “wear” a vibratory signature that meets the future with love and light. There is responsibility when working with the energies of Shungite. Its energy source should taken lightly or by the faint of heart. The “ancient of ways” seems to echo through from the Shungite gemstone; Older Souls will be able to “hear” this inner language coming through.


 It is very pragmatic and fills one with this energy as well. It is a stone full of potential and possibilities, as it can and will propel one along his/her path, keeping one focused, grounded and centered at all time.


[RANDOM facts:]


Everything of illness is dissolved and anything health-giving is concentrated and restored by this wonderful stone.

Scientists investigating Shungite declare as miraculous.

Place Shugnite in water to purify and charge the water with cleansing energy. Shungite water has an antihistamine effect, as it helps cure burns, cuts, callosities, arthritis, osteoarthritis and varicose veins. Simple mouthwash with Shungite water will cure sore throat, stomach aches, colds and tonsillitis.

Shungite is so important that one day it might well be worth more than gold.

**It is recommended to place Shugnite stones in the sun every 6 months.**


CHAKRA(s): All (Stimulates Earth Star, Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras)




Personal Power






Shields Against Electromagnetic Radiation (Computers, T.V’s, Mobile Phones, etc.)

Absorbs Anything Negative

Dispels The Shadow-Self

Disperses Negative Attachments






Spiritual Growth



Spiritual Elevation

Lightbody Activation

Raise in Vibrations

Higher Consciousness

Spiritual Grounding




Psychic Protection

Positive Blessings






Connects one with Earth energies and Earth elements

Infuses the aura with light

Will emphasize the gift of prophecy

Grounds and centers one’s energy to the core of Mother Earth

Shield the holder and removes all negative energies from a space, or place

Remove outside negativity and negative thoughts

Helps clear and balance each Chakra individually and then as a group

Wonderful aid to balance higher energy work

Opens the channel to communicate with spirit while keeping one grounded

Aids one in maintaining a healthy balance of sensibility and reality while still able to dream big

Eliminates current beliefs that do not serve in the highest interest of an individual

Sensitive people will be able to discern its inner language as it “speaks” from a higher dimension

The darkness of its black hue will evoke ancient memories connected with the Moon Goddess

Its elemental force connects with the Spirits that work with it

Can dispel the shadow-self one carries

Energy depletion is restored through the curative nature of Shungite

Balances the polarities that tug and pull at one constantly

Heals the lower energies that many still carry within the auric field

A catalyst for positive change and growth

Will balance conflicting energies that will arise during the shifting to higher rates of vibration

Helps one find the ideas and wisdom to use towards the better future of creation

Brings a sense of understanding how one became oneself

Helps one to find the good in all and to see the benefits in the smallest of thing’s




Alleviates Heart Difficulty

Aids Allergies

Slows Down Cancer Cell Growth

Soothes Skin Diseases

Slows Down AIDS/HIV

Stimulates Hair and Skin Rejuvenation









Kidney diseases

Liver diseases


Gall-bladder problems

Pancreas diseases

Common colds

Cardiovascular diseases


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Shungite XLG Cube.

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