Shiva lingham

Shiva lingham

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Metaphysical & Healing Properties. Shiva Lingam is an egg-shaped stone made of Jasper. It shares the same metaphysical and healing properties as Jasper and additionally as below. The shape represents the male or masculine energy, while the pattern represents the female or feminine energy.

Increases Vitality and Pranic Energy


Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam are a sacred stone of the Indian Hindu religion, that will intensify the vitality and level of pranic energy within your body.


To improve your overall health these stones are powerful as they stimulate the energy system of the entire body, and will aid an overall improvement in your health and well-being.


Its vibration has a different action depending on where you place it. This stone holds within it the feeling of unity and duality.


On one hand you see the masculine part of the stone within its phallic shape, and the feminine as well in the egg shape, and in the beauty of the markings on the stones.


The stone as a whole recognizes that they are one, yet they are each a separate entity within the one.


Where Is It From?


These egg shaped stones come from only one place, the Narmada River in Western India, one of India's most holy sites. The villagers gather the stones from the river and hand polish them so that they are a smooth rounded shape.


Their colors vary, but they are all a tan color with various brown, red or grey stripes, spots or patches on the stones.


The word 'Lingum' comes from the Sanskrit word for symbol, as these stones are a symbol of Lord Shiva. These stones are an integral part of their worship practices, and have been for hundreds of years.


Shiva Lingam encourage you to see the uniqueness of yourself, and spiritually, to see that each of you are part of the whole, yet you are separate individuals within the whole.


The crown chakra is where we connect to the Higher Self and this stone encourages your direct connection to the Higher self.


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What Is The Meaning Of This Shape?


Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam Increase vitality and pranic energy.


These stones are deliberately made into the well-known phallic shape, as this shape has a specific meaning.


This shape is symbolic of the phallus of the Hindu God Shiva, and of his union with his consort Kali.


While some Shiva Lingam stones occur naturally, this is not common.


Most of the stones are hand polished and shaped by the people who live in this area.


Within the form of the stones, there is also the shape of the cosmic egg, out of which all creation has emerged.


This therefore makes these stones encompass both the male and female, and their union, within the one sacred object.


Hindu tradition speaks of the Goddess Parvati, who shaped a Shiva Lingam out of sand then worshiped Lord Shiva.


Within the temples there are beautiful Shiva Lingam stones that have occurred naturally in this shape, and they are particularly sacred to the devotees.


Why Would You Use It? Kundalini Awakening


Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam

It is easy to buy Shiva Lingam stones, and they are basically quartz, and have a lot of impurities from the river where they originate mixed through. 


This is a stone with strong metaphysical properties as they carry a lot of energy.


Perhaps much of the reason why they have such a strong energy is the fact that stones of this shape have been worshiped by devotees for many centuries.


This creates a particular type of resonance within the field of pure potentiality, that creates all that is.


As you tune into this field of energy that encompasses the Divine Mind, you make contact with the sacredness that these stone have carried for centuries. 


The quartz resonates this sacred energy, via the universal mind to all who use them. They carry the energy within them to activate the kundalini energy and begin the process of awakening the kundalini.


For kundalini activation you may choose to use this stone alone, or you may use it in combination with other stones that are powerful to aid the process. 


The kundalini process may be about transformation, and you may use other stones with it to aid this process.


The kundalini energy will rise up the spine from the base or root chakra through the spine and through each of the chakras, to end up where it emerges at the crown chakra, like an enormous serpent above your head.


How To Use It


Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam Stones intensify the vibration within your energy system, and will enhance your overall health and well-being.


This stones vibration within the three lower chakras, is based upon its need to work on the physical body, as these chakras are about your physical existence.


Shiva Lingam are known to be powerful to aid any on the lower three chakras, particularly if used at the sacral or navel chakra and base chakra. 


They can also be utilized within sacred tantric practices, and may assist impotence and other problems of a sexual nature.


For healing of any reproductive problems, they will assist the healing of infertility, relieve menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps and may help disorders of the prostate. 


If you center the energy of these stones at the heart chakra, its vibration at both this chakra and the higher heart chakra connects you to the Divine Mind.


This supports all aspects of your personal divinity, and is powerful to aid you to overcome the need to judge others, and encourages forgiveness.


It helps to unite separated people, as it has an energy that encourages a feeling of togetherness and community.


Its action within the throat chakra allows you to recognize your connection with your etheric body, and how you can communicate this to your own higher self.


This stone helps you to recognize that you can use the aspects of the pineal gland, without the need to utilize the normal senses.


Its resonance within the third eye chakra is about your visionary abilities, and this stone enhances a direct connection to the higher self.


Shiva Lingam are objects of beauty, and their energy carries a strong feeling of divinity and sacredness. If you desire to become enlightened add these lovely stones, as they will boost your pranic energy and level of vitality as you connect with the Creator.


"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather, in spite of ourselves." Victor Hugo.