Rainbow iris agate

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🌈Rainbow Iris Agate 🌈
I have only three of these amazing Rainbow iris agate~ note~ 🟥 These are very small.🟥
ONE~ 49.35carat 
TWO~ 55.3 carat 
THREE~ 16.55 carat 
Super hard to capture the true beauty of these in a picture ~
Rainbow iris agate properties
These incredibly rare Iris Agate slices are from Indonesia. It looks like a regular slice of agate until it is viewed through transmitted light, and then an incredible spectrum of colors appears. There are said to be a very small percentage of iris agates in the world. Furthermore, they have to be cut and polished just right and sliced very thin for the rainbows to be visible, making them even harder to come by! You can best enjoy your iris agate backlit with a bright flashlight in a dim environment. Cellphone flashlights work surprisingly well! The rainbows can also be viewed in bright sunshine, but you have to be very careful not to look directly into the sun to avoid eye damage, so the flashlight method is what we suggest.

Please note: This piece is hand-polished, and it will have imperfections.

Iris Agate has the meaning and properties to fulfill the desire. It is a gemstone to respond to the desire and give the corresponding energy. The stronger the wish is, the more power will be demonstrated. It is an amulet for those who really want to invite.

Iris Agate has the meaning and properties to give spiritual relaxation. It is a gemstone to unravel the strained tension. It will get you out of a stressful situation. There is also the ability to avoid narrow view of things due to tension.

Iris Agate has meaning and properties to increase execution power. It is a gemstone to give "courage" and "confidence" necessary for progress. It will gain the strength to make a thing happen and executed. There is also the ability to repel "excuses", "compromise" and "laziness".

Iris Agate shines in a rainbow color when it is hit with light. It is also called "Rainbow Agate". It is known as a valuable Agate. It is an item that is unbearable for Agate lovers. It is a gemstone which is popular also for natural stone collectors. As every stone has different radiance, you do not get tired of multiple collections. You can enjoy mysterious shine like natural stone.

The layer of Iris Agate is very dense. Furthermore, the layers are evenly molded. These special layers create a beautiful rainbow color. A gemstone state without light will look like a normal natural stone. You must feel touched when you see actually the light hit on it.

The amount of distribution of Iris Agate is very small. A general gemstone shop doesn't deal with it. Please look for several highly specialties gemstone shops. It may be sold at a gemstone shop that is strong in Agate. Iris Agate is often sold sliced thinly. It will be able to be arranged into a form suitable for seeing the rainbow color. It is rare to be processed into accessories. The price is far more expensive than normal Agate.

Iris Agate has the meaning and properties to see the truth of things. It is a gemstone to make you not to be misled by superficial information. People cannot succeed with "common sense" "average value" and "majority opinion" alone. Success is always born from a narrow road. Iris Agate will let the owner grasp the true success.

Iris Agate has the meaning and properties to find strong fellows. It is a gemstone to destroy a wall that cannot be broken by alone. It supports to build relationship that everyone wins. It is also recommended when you want to challenge big things.

The Rainbow iris agate was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 26, 2023