Lodolite aka shaman dream stone aka garden Quartz

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🔮 Stunning Lodolite Sphere ~ 🔮 shaman dream stone this one has a window in the back with amazing rutile! A true treasure 😍😍
Aka garden/scenic quartz ~ stunning detail inside~ amazing quality and clarity!
52MM 170 grams 

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Each Shamanic Dreamstone looks different. No two will ever be the same as they are a particular type of clear quartz that contain inclusions that appear as whisps, growths or layers lying within the quartz. Some contain green inclusions, which are usually Chlorite, others are reddish, meaning Iron is present. Some may contain whisps of Citrine or Smokey Quartz, whilst others may have rutile in them. Rutile inclusions are incredibly rare however 
The tell tale sign of a polished Shamanic Dreamstone is its domed appearance and the almost 3D or magnified appearance of the inclusions within it. Once we start to gaze into a Shamanic Dreamstone, we can get lost in its magic and beauty. These crystals are a great scrying or divination tool and work brilliantly if we’re trying to trigger lucid dreaming.
Shamans have used these Dreamstones throughout history to enable them to journey into the other worlds, to bring about visionary or healing experiences and to guide them during sleep.
Shamanic Dreamstones are also great visualisation and manifestation tools. They can take our vibrations higher, which enables us to connect & communicate with the Spirit world and enhances our psychic gifts. We can use them for past life recall, hypnosis or any healing modality that takes us into the Beta brainwave state, such as meditation and META EFT work.
I love how gentle these crystals are when we carry them, yet how powerful they are when we use them for spiritual purposes. Shamanic Dreamstones draw in loving, heart based energy that strengthens and stabilises our emotions so we can work on our spiritual growth. Often when old wounds are brought to the surface, we struggle to look at those wounds as they affect our emotions so deeply. Shamanic Dreamstones allow us the space to examine and process wounds and lead us in the right direction to heal or release those wounds.

Shamanic Dreamstones can be used in several ways:
For Dreaming ~ they are called Dreamstones for a reason. If you have trouble remembering or interpreting dreams, cleanse, charge and programme a Shamanic Dreamstone to either record a dream or bring clarity to your dreams. This should enable you to remember them better or if you’re struggling to remember, sit in meditation with the Dreamstone the next day and ask it to show you the dream. It should bring enough information to mind to trigger your memory. You can also programme it to show you what you most need to know during a dream. Keep a notepad by the bedside so any information received can be immediately written down and remembered.
For Meditation ~ Cleanse, charge and programme the Dreamstone to tell you what you most need to know. Either sit and hold the Dreamstone in your hand or lie down and place it on your Third Eye, or just above your head at the Crown Chakra. Close your eyes, take yourself into as deep a meditation as you can manage with the intent to be shown your totem animal, or an animal that has a message for you. The Shamanic element of these stones connects strongly to the animal kingdom and I have found our totem or animal guide steps forward easily. Even if you only grasp an image or a word, it is enough to then investigate the meaning of that animal totem.
For Shamanic Journeying ~ I would use four Dreamstones for this. Cleanse, charge and programme the Dreamstones to connect to Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon and the energy of our ancestors. Sit or lay on the floor and place one Dreamstone in each of the directions (North, South, East and West). Honour or acknowledge each of the directions in whatever way suits you best. I tend to connect to and honour the elements of air, earth, water and fire, asking Spirit to support me in the centre, but others prefer totems, crystals or other symbolic representations. You will have effectively created a grid around yourself. I then use fast drumming music and allow myself to be carried into the journey.
For Healing ~ cleanse, charge and programme the Dreamstone to bring you information regarding illness or healing. I then hold mine in my hand and scan a person’s body, asking the crystal to relay any information to my mind or heart that is necessary to help the client heal.
Scrying~ cleanse, charge and programme the Dreamstone to bring you the most useful information. Then ask someone to hold the Dreamstone and think about their life. They should do this slowly and methodically, attaching as much emotion to each memory as possible. Someone can sit and do this for 5-10 minutes. They then pass the Dreamstone back to you and you can then look into the stone and ask it to reveal it’s information. This works very well if you’re a visionary person or lucid dreamer. If you’re more sensory, sit and hold the stone and ask it to bring you the emotions. This usually creates a strong link to the client/friend and enables you to read and interpret information for them.
Shamanic Dreamstones are very responsive and can absorb a lot of energy or information. Ensure you cleanse and recharge them after every use.
The above methods can be mixed up or swopped and changed around….for example you could use a Shamanic Dreamstone crystal grid for healing or to connect to guides and totems. You can meditate to connect to a totem, or ask specific questions about things going on in your life. If you want to work specifically with old wounds, a Shamanic Dreamstone can be programmed to bring that information to you in a dream or in a meditation.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Lodolite aka shaman dream stone aka garden Quartz is for you.

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