Lazulite puffy pocket hearts

Lazulite puffy pocket hearts

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Lazulite small puffy hearts you will receive one of the shown pieces  


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Lazulite will help you strike a balance between the various chakras in your body. It will also help you maintain your peace of mind.

This crystal will increase your powers of focus and concentration. It will infuse you with positive, uplifting spiritual energies.
Lazulite will give plenty of insights and help you find the answers that you seek about life and love.
This crystal will give you peace, increase your self-respect, maintain your balance in life, and relieve the tension in your body.
This crystal will show you how you can draw in pure universal energies and stimulate your intuition.

Lazulite will strengthen your sense of balance and your life’s cosmic alignment.

It will also induce you with incredible states of bliss!
Lazulite will encourage you to say the things that you can’t say. It will help you speak out your truth and release your unspoken words.

It will also encourage you to receive channeled information and to promote telepathic sending.

When you place Lazulite on your third eye chakra, you will be able to create your peaceful and serene self.

This self will be grounded because you know that you are part of the divine!
Lazulite will give insight into the underlying causes of your life and love problems, and it will give you intuitive solutions.

This crystal will help provide mental stability. It will help you see things clearly from different perspectives, guided by your wisdom and intuition.
It will relieve you of your worries and tensions. You will be able to talk about your fears with the people who are important to you.
Lazulite will help you see the reality of your life, especially if you pair it with Melodys Stone. It will detoxify your heart, mind, and soul and balance both your yin and yang energies.
This crystal will also increase your intuitive power. It will help you stay away from bad and addictive habits.

This crystal will provide you with a limitless supply of positive energies.

Lazulite’s energies will help you face the challenges of life with strength and courage, and they will help you achieve inner peace.

An even deeper look into this stunning crystal...
How Will Lazulite Help You?

Lazulite, Healing and Health

Lazulite can effectively prevent headaches and stomach aches. It can ensure that everything is functioning properly and has a good balance.
The healing energies of this crystal can provide energy to the internal organs. It can also boost the immune system and help with the proper functions of the endocrine glands.

It can provide protection if you are sun sensitive.
It can heal fractures, boost the lymphatic system, and alleviate problems in the thyroid and the pituitary.

It’s also known to be very beneficial to the liver and in easing the pains associated with migraines.

Lazulite and Wealth

Lazulite is an excellent crystal to attract good luck and good fortune. It will help program your mind for success and abundance that your body will have no other choice but to make it happen!

When you work with the energies of this crystal, you will feel like everything is finally coming together.
You will get a sense of accomplishment, and you will get a feeling that all your hard work and sacrifice is completely worth it!
There will be plenty of financial growth, and you will never run out of opportunities. Prosperity will always be with you, and you will keep the flow of positive energies flowing!

Love and relationships
By bringing balance into how you think and feel, you will also achieve peace in your oftentimes restless heart and chaotic mind.

This crystal will boost your focus and concentration. It will also enhance your self-esteem and confidence, as well as your intuitive powers.
Lazulite will assist you in finding solutions to deep-seated problems and their underlying issues.

With all this energy working in your love life, romantic relationship, or marriage, you will be able to reduce your stress, worry, and fear.

When you achieve a healthy balance in your relationship, you will not easily feel stressed, even in highly stressing situations.
Lazulite is an excellent crystal to help you break bad habits and unhealthy patterns of behavior. It will strengthen your self-discipline and your focus.
It will empower you to find resolutions to your relationship problems easily and effectively. You will also be able to communicate readily what you think or how you feel.

Your emotional frustrations will be reduced, and you will be able to appreciate even the not so good parts of your romantic experiences.

You will feel confident to talk about your past life misfortunes. You will not run away from them or push them back deep down inside.

You will allow them to come up to the surface, and you will be able to embrace them and accept them as a part of who you are.

Lazulite is considered the crystal of heaven because it has the ability to draw in pure cosmic energies. These energies can positively influence your romantic relationship!

The Lazulite puffy pocket hearts is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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