SOLD~ Large Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal

  • $405.00

 Amazing rainbow flash Ethiopian welo Fire Opal in matrix 

MUST WATCH the View the video of this opal here pics and video do this stunner NO JUSTICE!!! Impossible to capture the amazing flash and fire on film! 

Large Welo Fire Opal collector pieces available 
I was very lucky to get two hard to find large Fire Opal specimens to offer. These are eligible for payment plan and are priced to sell! Amazing Rainbow fire in both of these, The pictures and video do these beauties NO JUSTICE! Super hard to capture the true beauty and flash on camera, I promise they are even more amazing in person you will not be disappointed. 
Note quality welo fire opals can be priced typically $5-$10 per CARAT! I priced these with room for equity, these are valued way higher then the price I am offering them for. 
Ethiopian Welo fire 🔥 Fire Opal 🔥 in matrix
collector piece~  investment piece as opal prices tend to rise over the years 
🌈Amazing Rainbow Fire flash all over this beauty 
🌟108 grams (541 carats!) 3” x 2” 
🌟$405 (priced at .75 a carat CRAZY price!) 
plus priority ship to be sure it’s secure and safe ship. 
Note quality welo fire opals can be priced typically $5-$10 per CARAT! I priced these with room for equity, these are valued way higher then the price I am offering them for. 

CONTACT to start a payment plan 20% down, 8 weeks to pay off. Email 
view more details on Fire opals below~ 
Ethiopian opal is top crystal material, meaning it has high transparency, generally considered to be the finest quality opal. The transparency allows you to facet carve, or cab these Ethiopian opals. Welo, Ethiopia, discovered in 2008. 

Many opal cutters will sell stones that have cracks or crazing in their opals. There is a major difference between the two and we will show you what it is. While there is nothing wrong with buying an Opal that is crazed or cracked it is important that the buyer is made aware before the purchase. If your Opal does have fracture lines in it or it has crazed do not put it in an ultrasonic cleaner as it may destroy the Opal.


cracked opalcracked opal


A crack can be a minor or major fault line. It can be on the surface or internal. If you see a line inside the opal and it reflects light then it is a crack in the stone. External cracks will decrease the value / price more than internal cracks.

Internal cracks have been shown to be stable and not continue to grow. Some Opal miners have stones with cracks inside them that have had no movement. External crack lines in a polished opal can be cut out but obviously this decreases the size and value of the Opal.

Cracked opals do not necessarily mean that they will fall apart. Many cracked opals will hold but the biggest problem is if an opal is cracked and in a ring, the everyday wear and tear and knocks will break the Opal. Many cracked opals are set as pendants for this reason and are able to be worn most of the time.


crazed opal


Crazing looks like multiple crack lines. Crazed opal is mostly kept as specimens or collectors pieces. They are not recommended for use in Jewelry. Crazed opals can be treated with Opticon which stabilises the Opal.

opal with inclusions

The image above is an Ethopian Opal with an inclusion. Notice there is no light reflection.

Inclusions are not cracks. Many opals contain natural inclusions. These can be air bubbles, vegetation matter and even potch.


Gail Bordonaro 
The SOLD~ Large Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: May 29, 2022