Dragonsblood smudge stick LG & SM

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White sage + infused with  Dragonsblood smudge stick 

Two sizes available-

SM 3-4” and LG 5-6”


❤️Dragonsblood +White Sage❤️ smudge sticks smell amazing! 

Dragon’s blood is a great resin with many uses. Dragon’s blood will remove negativity from a space, and our smudge is a base of white sage to increase it’s potency. Dragon’s blood also has a great Psychic, Magic, and Spiritual energizing property. Dragon’s blood is said to increase the potency of magical workings. A side benefit to this resin is the claim that is assists in enhancing health, virility and cures impotence.

Smudging is an ancient Native American ceremony in which you burn sacred plants to allow the smoke to clear and bless a space. It’s a natural form of incense, so it makes any home smell delightful.

Dragons blood is a red tree sap. It is collected and the California white sage bundle is dipped into the sap.

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Inventory Last Updated: Jul 07, 2022