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Custom crystal set for Pain, recovery, surgery recovery, get well soon

  • $20.00

This set will include 5 tumbles chosen from the graphic pictured plus 

a quartz point/tumble to help amplify the other crystals 

Crystals for recovery  from surgery~ 

I would recommend a set of Bloodstone, Fluorite(green), Selenite, Carnelian, and Infinite Stone. 

See why below these would be my goto for any type of quick physical recovery and pain.... 

1. Bloodstone may also increase blood flow to the area as your body heals, and 

2. Fluorite adds some order to the process, potentially reducing recovery time and allowing your body to fall back in sync post-surgery. Both Bloodstone and Green Fluorite are Heart chakra stones too, assisting with the reconciliation of any harmful emotions that you're experiencing and reducing any blocks that may have developed in your Heart chakra. 

3. Selenite will cleanse you, your space, and your stones, and it'll help you connect with your guides and with any healing angels that you've asked for assistance with this situation. Selenite will help to keep both your vibration and your mood high

4. Carnelian~Putting carnelian stones on top of a wound can help stop the bleeding and make it heal faster. It can elevate your mood and remove any feelings of depression or despair. You will enjoy more energy and enthusiasm, and you will be able to accomplish so many things without feeling tired or spent. It’s a good energy booster and stabilizer. It can ease non-inflammatory arthritis and rheumatism and help with your lower back problems. Carnelian can also purify the blood and ensure good blood circulation.

5.~ infinite stone~ 

It can be used to treat cramps, headaches, backaches, nausea, and any other kind of physical pain.The energies of this stone can protect your cells and DNA structure. It can also promote the energetic activation of cell regeneration.Infinite Stone can help with the treatment of joints and the soothing of muscles. It can also support the treatment of connective tissues. It can also help in fighting off fatigue and strengthening the immune system  


Medical disclaimer~ Crystals should never replace medicine or the advice of your doctor. These are recommended as a compliment to traditional therapies to help motivate you to stay on goal! crystals and this advice is not to replace a consult or any traditional therapies you are prescribed by your doctor. 

This is not medical advice. 

The Custom crystal set for Pain, recovery, surgery recovery, get well soon is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Feb 06, 2023