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Crystals to help with diabetes

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Crystals to help with Diabetes 

You will receive One set of 5 crystal tumbles 

you will receive one of each (or similar depending on current inventory)sodalite, red jasper(or bloodstone) Rhodonite, pink opal(or rose Quartz )  and Citrine (or green aventurine), emerald 

*note in the event the above is not available you will receive a similar type of crystal* 

a quartz point or tumble may be included to help amplify the other crystals 

 Sodalite ~The indigo healing power of sodalite cleanses toxins out of your body and prevents erratic levels of insulin. Wearing sodalite on your heart or throat chakra enhances your hormonal secretions, as well as the metabolic rates. 

Red Jasper (bloodstone) ~An attractive gemstone with powerful color energy, red jasper calms its wearer and neutralizes aggressive emotions that come with high diabetes rates in the body. Consistent progress and stabilizing of metabolism are the healing effects from wearing Red Jasper. Reducing physicalexhaustion is a long term effect of wearing Jasper.


Rhodonite/pink Opal/rose Quartz ~Yet another soft color energy crystal with a compassionate vibration, rhodonite is a love crystal that can shush any heart, hormone or blood associated disorder. When used on the heart chakra, Rhodonite elevates your blood circulation rate and stabilizes the glandular secretions.

Citrine/green aventurine (healing)~ A powerful crystal that can bring down sugar cravings, citrine is a great crystal to aide in weight loss as well. The bright color energy of crystals pumps your endocrine system and boosts your stamina. Diabetes attacks that lead to collapses can be avoided by having citrine always on you.Citrine is also powerful in transforming perceptions and patients of diabetes also feel relief in the throat, bladder as well as eyesdue to the overall healing effects of the stone. Don’t forget to clean the crystal by the end of the day!

Pink opal/rose Quartz ~A rare stone that should be worn at all times if you’ve chronic diabetes, Pink Opal radiates a soft and soothing color energy that also neutralizes your metabolic levels. The pink Peruvian variety of opal is a love crystal that can calm your lungs, heart and spleen as well in addition to the insulin levels.





⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Below may not included in the set you receive ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ But may be substituted for some of the above listed if those aren’t available  

Emerald ~ Yet another unique healing energy of green, Emerald is a striking stone with the capacity to regulate insulin in the body accurately. Emerald wearers are blessed with complete freedom from diabetes like no other crystal or herb. 

Ruby~ A powerful color energy that burns off toxins all around, ruby wearers can gain much for diabetes treatment. When clubbed with herbal or natural remedies and control over sugar cravings, ruby can help you stay firm in your goal. Ruby is excellent for those suffering from kidney disorders or that of the endocrine glands.Keep Ruby Nearby if you want to boost your blood circulation to feel rejuvenated once again!

*NOTE this set may not include the Emerald, Ruby, or Opal, Depending on stock. Similar will be included. 

Recommended crystals can help with disease like Diabetes they can compliment your traditional Medicines and therapies. Crystals should never be used in place of Doctor advise or medications. These are recommendations only please consult your physician and use crystals and gems as a complement to traditional therapy.


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