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Celestite tumble (one)

Celestite comes from the Latin word “Heaven”. The energy of this stone vibrates at such a high level. It has become the New-Age teacher stone, as it provides one with hope and faith, while connecting one to the wisdom of the divine realms. Aids one in developing a sense of knowing who they are, physically and spiritually.




Chakra(s): ThroatCrown


Energy Vibration: 


Element: Wind






Angelic Guidance



During Travel

Emotional Lore


Negative Energy



Spiritual Development

Spiritual Elevation

Spiritual Awareness


Purity of The Heart

Good Fortune





[Metaphysical Properties:]


It acts as a jump start for spiritual development

Guides one to enlightenment

Raises one’s awareness

Elevates one to a sense of floating

It cleans the Aura and envelops one in great peace and comfort

Purifies the environment everywhere it is placed and carried

Comforts the wearer with love and reassurance

Ultimate stone for everything that deals with spirituality

Illuminates the darkness for soul healing

Invokes one to move with the flow of life

Helps one tap into the vibrations of the Astral Plane

Enhances musical abilities

Helps connect one with the sacred energy

Promotes communication with beings of light

Opens one up to their own spiritual light

Removes any tension from life

Pushes one to get involved in constructive work

Helps keep level energies up

Purifies thought patterns

Improves relations with family members

Heals the heart and soul by guiding one away from dark feelings

Keeps heart and soul in top-notch condition

Place in the middle of the room to spread spiritual awareness and spiritual uplift

Wear around the neck to improve social skills

Try to keep it safe and away from sun light, because it is a fragile stone

Lures one away from danger

[Healing Properties:]


Heals The Aura

Offers Soul Healing

Heals The Heart

Brings Light to The Soul

Keeps Digestive System Strong

Kills Poisonous Bacteria

ConsolidatesStrengthens Eye-Sight

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