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Crystal lotus

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Blue Lotus Flower 2" x 3 1/2" 

Crystal Lotus 

 The lotus is a template for visual chakra design. That means big energy, and big potential

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Hundreds of facets capture light on this glass crystal lotus with center bud which is a faceted aura glass sphere. The base has 3 glass ball feet.


Buddhist iconography places the lotus in the realm of spirituality. In fact, chakras are an artistic adaptation to the lotus flower. Not sure about chakras? That's okay, check out my page about chakra meanings to see the lotus design in each energy center. This is very cool. The lotus is a template for visual chakra design. That means big energy, and big potential. The lotus can help us align our chakras...align our energy. Lotus is particularly helpful in harmonizing the crown and third-eye chakra. These chakras deal with intuition, spirituality and higher knowing. Conjure an image of a delicately unfolding lotus as you work with your energy. See the lotus caressing your spirit, and energizing you.

The Buddha is often pictured with the lotus flower. In fact, a profound Hindu chant is this: Mani padme. This means "Jewel in the Lotus". This concept deals with coming into the center of beauty, peace and harmony. Buddha was thought to be unsoiled and untouched by toxins. The lotus is a purifying agent for the Buddha and the Buddhist belief system. You don't have to subscribe to these beliefs to utilize the lotus. Simply embrace the lotus and engage in its power to purify, harmonize and stabilize your energy.