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Anxiety and Stress tumbled pocket stone Custom set

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✨✨ Ten Crystals to help you battle Anxiety and Stress ✨✨Picture is example, your set will include some of the listed crystals below randomly not exact as shown. All crystals included help with anxiety.
Grab this exclusive custom set of ten crystal pocket stone tumbles random choices from  listed types of crystals below for this special price available here~

Stress and anxiety are part of everyday life. The busy pace of society has us rushing around, whether it’s traffic, tight schedules, deadlines, or any of the numerous responsibilities we have. It’s no wonder that we often feel burned out and struggling to cope. Using crystals for anxiety management has been a common practice for hundreds of years, and it might be the holistic alternative you’ve been looking for.

Worry stones, also known as palm stones or thumb stones, go way back to ancient times — back to the civilizations of Greece, Mesopotamia, and Tibet — when they were used to soothe and relieve anxiety. These smooth, polished gemstones were small enough to be carried discreetly inside a hand and were thought to give stress relief to their carrier.

Crystal healing can be a natural approach to support your mental well-being by balancing your energy, which may help you handle anxious thoughts, panic attacks, or chronic stress. You can carry gemstones with you to benefit from their calming properties, or pick a stone-beaded mala to include in your stress-managing activities like meditation and yoga.

Below, you'll find some of the best stones that have been used for many centuries for their harmonizing properties and calming energy.


This beautiful purple crystal is a multi-purpose gemstone that should be part of your basic crystal healing kit. Commonly used by ancient Egyptians to create protection amulets, it's one of the best crystals for anxiety relief, as it helps balance the third eye and crown chakras.

Amethyst's energy can help soothe your nervous system, quiet the mind, and even help you get better quality sleep, which is often one of the first things to be affected when you're going through a stressful period.

Place this gemstone under your pillow for a restorative sleep or carry it with you to benefit from its gentle vibration. It's said that this crystal might enhance feelings of relaxation and even help you reach inner peace.

Other crystals that can help to dissolve blockages on the third eye chakra include:

Fluorite: clears negative energy and increases self-confidence
Lapis lazuli: can help to release stress and soothe headaches
Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is one of the most calming crystals when dealing with the pressures of everyday life. This gemstone is also known as the "articulation stone" and has a strong influence on the third eye and throat chakra.

This gemstone's nature can help you calm your mind and speak with honesty, making it an ideal stone to hold during public speaking or social situations where you might feel uncomfortable or anxious. This soft blue crystal can also help you feel more confident by repelling any anxiety you might have about what others say or think about you.

Blue lace agate is the perfect companion when you need comforting, gentle, and supporting energy while communicating with others.

Other stones for effective and honest communication include:

Aquamarine: promotes heartfelt and positive communication.
Angelite: helps to speak with kindness and compassion.
Blue Calcite: can soothe nerves and help to communicate clearly.

Citrine holds the power and warmth of the sun, and its energy can help turn your negative emotions into positive vibes. This vibrant crystal balances and supports the alignment of the solar plexus chakra, the energy center through which you can tap into your personal power and self-confidence.

Citrine cannot hold or accumulate negative energy, and it’s known to relieve stress and anxiety by transforming any harmful and nervous energy into joy and cheerfulness. It's also considered a wealth gemstone. If you're worried about financial matters, citrine may help to attract the abundance you've been seeking.

Whenever you're feeling fearful or overwhelmed by a problem, carrying this powerful crystal can help you see the positive side of every situation and put things in perspective. This might lead to fewer worries and lower stress levels.

Other stones with similar properties to those of citrine include:

Kyanite: doesn't hold negative energy and brings tranquility
Peridot: helps to overcome fear and attracts financial abundance

Chrysocolla is a wonderful crystal if you're going through stressful times — especially when you feel like you're all over the place and simply can’t keep your mind from overthinking. This beautiful, vibrant green and blue gemstone can help soothe your nerves. Some say it may even prevent stress-derived skin irritations like hives.

Chrysocolla's energy is closely connected to the throat chakra, also known as the communication center. So, if there are any conflicts in your relationships — be it with a partner, friend, or family member — this soothing stone may calm fiery temperaments and help you communicate your truth with compassion and kindness.

By doing so, possible misunderstandings and strained relationships can be healed, leading to a heightened sense of peace.

Other powerful throat chakra stones that may help relieve stress and anxiety are:

Turquoise: dispels negative energy and helps to stabilize mood swings; some believe it can assist in managing panic attacks
Howlite: can be used to support restful sleep and calm an overactive mind
Sodalite: may help to ease phobias, panic attacks, and insomnia
Clear Quartz

This purifying and soothing stone can help to activate, balance, and align all chakras, having a special and strong connection with the crown center.

Clear quartz, also known as quartz crystal and the "Master Healer," is known for clearing negative thoughts and supporting you through troubled times by easing symptoms of emotional pain. Along with amethyst, this beautiful and elegant crystal should be part of your healing crystal collection as it’s believed to clear energies from people, places, and even other stones.

Having a quartz crystal cluster around the house can keep the vibration high, emotions light, and lead to a greater sense of ease and peace.

Other crown chakra stones that may help you cope with anxiety are:

Selenite: can help those with post-traumatic stress and may help manage panic attacks
Moonstone: can help stabilize your emotions and release negative-dense energies, like stress and anxiety

Hematite is thought to protect the energy field of those who carry it, and it's one of the best protection stones available. Energetically connected with the root chakra, this dark stone helps to dispel negative energies, keep you grounded, and provide a feeling of stability, making for a great companion in rocky, uncertain times.

If you experience a lack of focus or constantly have your head in the clouds worrying about the "what if's" of life, carry hematite so you can firmly place your feet on the ground and be present in the moment. Holding on to this crystal can help you feel more centered and calm, dispelling any anxious vibrations or stressful vibes.

Other grounding and protection gemstones that can help you fight anxiety are:

Obsidian: repels negative energies and may help you overcome phobias
Jet: also known as black amber, it helps you let go of unwanted emotions and thoughts

Thanks to its composition, lepidolite is a great crystal in times of stress. This gemstone contains lithium, a compound commonly used in anxiety and anti-depression medications. It can activate all chakras, being especially powerful for the heart, throat, and third eye centers.

This purplish stone’s name means "scales" in Greek, an appropriate description of the balancing vibrations that this crystal exudes. Its energy is said to soothe the mind and support you through emotional healing.

Some believe lepidolite can help you connect with your higher self, helping you to find your purpose and live a more meaningful life — themes that are common for those fighting anxiety or depression. It's also said that if you carry this gemstone you have a higher chance of attracting synchronicities and powerful coincidences that might bring you all that your heart desires.

Another powerful stone with lithium composition is:

Lithium quartz: helps release tension and heal repressed anger and emotional pain
Smoky Quartz

This root chakra healing crystal is a fantastic protection amulet in turbulent times. It has long been used to relieve stress and mental strain.

Smoky quartz is a popular stone among healers and those working with energies, as it acts as a vital shield that dispels unwanted psychic attacks. It’s also believed that this crystal can protect you from environmental stress, as it helps to cleanse and strengthen your aura.

If you're going through a tough time and experiencing grief, anxiety, fear, and sorrow that may have led to panic attacks, the grounding vibration of smoky quartz might help to neutralize these dense emotions. Smoky quartz is thought to stabilize energy by promoting feelings of security and self-confidence.

Some other powerful grounding stones include:

Black tourmaline: useful for anxiety induced by confined and dark spaces
Shungite: helps boost energy levels when you feel burned out

Malachite has been known for centuries as a stone of protection for travelers. It's believed that this gemstone can be used as an amulet against threats. Legend says that the stone will shatter as a warning when impending danger is near.

This deep green crystal is also known as the "stone of transformation" and can be a great supportive tool if you're going through change and deep emotional healing. Some say that carrying malachite can help people with depression, as it can assist in overcoming anxiety, fears, and phobias by boosting mood and lifting spirits.

This heart chakra stone is believed to give you confidence and strength to overcome obstacles and gently push you out of your comfort zone.

Other heart chakra crystals to remove anxiety and spark your courage include:

Aventurine: reinforces perseverance and soothes neuroses
Amazonite: calms the nervous system and alleviates worries and fears
Rose Quartz

The universal stone for love, rose quartz is the ultimate comforting crystal when it comes to matters of the heart. If you feel stressed out because you keep putting other people's needs before your own, then this pink gemstone will quickly become your best friend.

Rose quartz is a calming stone that gently guides you on a path of self-care, teaching you that when you put yourself first, you're not saying no to others. Instead, you're saying yes to yourself.

So, if you get anxious about prioritizing your needs or get nervous about saying no to others, hold on to rose quartz as it warmly supports you on your journey of self-love.

This heart chakra stone is a beautiful crystal to give someone who is going through a period of grief, as it emits calm and reassuring energies.

Other healing heart chakra stones also include:

Rhodochrosite: helps to release feelings of anger and promote emotional well-being
Unakite: helps transform fear into positive, constructive energies; balances the love you have both for others and for yourself
Healing Crystals Can Support Your Mental Well-Being

The healing power of crystals can be a wonderful way to promote feelings of calm, peace, and quiet in a world of chaos, anger, and noise.

Whether you're going through a slightly more stressful period than usual or you have more serious conditions such as severe anxiety or depression, the comforting vibrations of crystals can be a holistic tool to help you navigate these times.

Carrying a worry stone, wearing gemstone jewelry, or decorating your home and workplace with crystal clusters is an intentional way to surround yourself with the protective and calming energy of these natural healers. Their presence will help to redirect your mind’s focus on their supportive and healing properties while harmonizing your energy and providing solace.

The Anxiety and Stress tumbled pocket stone Custom set destined to impress, and priced at only $25.00, for a limited time.

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