☀️Angel Eyes Summer Solstice Set ☀️

  • $18.00

Special Offer

Our limited edition SUMMER SOLSTICE Crystal Set

Start your summer off with positive, Bright beginnings~ Our summer solstice Set is the perfect start to summer!

Carry your crystals with you daily to help them vibe to your energy, Crystals can be uplifting and help you reach your summer goals! A great set for a special price  

limited offer~ limited time only! 

includes 5 Tumble pocket stones


Citrine ~ for manifesting dreams and receiving abundance 

Garnet~ motivation and drive 

Golden tiger eye ~ renews faith and energy protection 

Sunstone~ Lifts any depression and anxiety

Carnelian~ harvesting the energy of the summer sun and blossoming with confidence 

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the ☀️Angel Eyes Summer Solstice Set ☀️.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 26, 2023