Why Angel Eyes Crystals are unique from all the rest!


Ethically sourced crystals~ we work closely with miners and suppliers to ensure our crystals are ethically removed from earth and the people doing the labor are very well taken care of. We take pride in our crystals and want to be sure you get the best Of the best. 

How our crystals are different, We receive feedback from many clients who compliment our crystals high vibe pure energy. See the process listed in steps below on why Angel Eyes Crystals are super unique and receive praise each time they are received. 

From our FB post about the process from when we receive until we ship them out to you  

I wanted to share what my process is each time new crystals come in~ They sometimes get more attention then my own children Haha!
Your crystal(s) always arrive to you cleansed, Charged, and infused especially with love at the very least.

By the time they get to your hands they are super charged and fully cleansed ready to go!
Here are the steps they take~
They first go to my large selenite (satin spar) Plate It’s Huge And weighs a few pounds! They sit amongst my extra large crystals that infuse them with different vibes... (As shown pictured below)

Every single crystal get cleansed and charged on this large plate ~ they also get infused with some potent energy crystals representing different vibrations as shown below~
LOVE ~ Large rough rose quartz
BALANCE~ Blue kyanite
Prosperity & Abundance ~ Citrine
Protection ~ Black Tourmaline
Selenite ~ High vibe pure energy charge with natural selenite.
Physical emotional balance ~ Amethyst
Angelic energy infused with Apophyllite and Angelite.
ALL are Amplified by clear quartz.

Then they are placed in a temporary “home” in our space. 

During this time in their temporary home they receive Daily cleanse and charge that may typically consist of singing bowl sessions and smudge sessions with Palo santo and/or white sage.

Every week usually on Sunday they get a very special attention ceremony that is a deep cleanse, charge, and blessing from me.

Right before I ship a crystal, they get an extra blessing infusion from myself with intention and are ready to travel, Once they arrive to you, The energy should be potent and ready for you to program and give them their job, they are fully ready to rock and work for you!
I love hearing the compliments when you receive my crystals as I know my little process I do is working for the beautiful crystals and you can Feel it when they arrive! Yay that is how it always should be when you receive a new crystal! ♥️♥️♥️

~ Gail Bordonaro Owner Angel Eyes Shop