Referral Rewards

Referral Rewards~ 

Program begins~ July 5, 2018 

Any referrals/referral purchases  after this date are counted towards your referral rewards*


Every $150= 5% off your next order 

unlimited amount of discounts received for every $150 purchased by your referral 

Only one reward can be used at a time 


* points discounts can be used for any purchase on the sales group or shop this is your choice, please allow 7 days for the referrals purchase to be complete and processed for you to receive your points, open boxes have to be shipped and complete to receive the points for purchases, You will receive an email with your rewarded amount once all payments are processed and items shipped and your code is valid.


Your points(discount) must be used within 6 months of receipt or they expire. 


*Max amount $500 spent by your referral for credit, You receive 5% off for every purchase of at least $150 by your referral, points(discounts) cannot be combined, one discount per purchase. 


If you refer someone who purchases on our sales group on Facebook just have them mention your name to ensure you get the credit from their purchases. 


If you Send someone to

be sure they mention your name in the notes at time of purchase OR use your special link to shop so you get the credit. 


If you have any any questions about referral rewards feel free to contact us! 


Thank you for sharing our shop and group! 

It is very much appreciated! 


Lots of love and light,