Polished Vs Rough crystals

🔮Tumbled,Polished~ vs ~Rough,Raw Crystals 🌟
Number one when working with any type of crystal is using your intuition, let your intuition guide you towards the type you should work with, some prefer natural others prefer Polished it’s personal preference.
So what’s the difference between both rough and polished?
All stones possess energy and one mineral is not going to suddenly go dormant or stop working because it was altered by man. This of course does not include lab created gemstones.

For example, if you have a piece of Carnelian, it does not matter whether the stone is rough, tumbled, shaped or cut and polished. Each stone type possesses the same energy, i.e., Carnelian energy is Carnelian energy. However, many feel rough stones have more pure, authentic energy than stones that have been cut and polished or tumbled.

Raw stones are how they come out of the Earth. The shapes are sometimes unique or awkward and they normally lack the lustrous glamour tumbled pieces have. Raw stones have passed through less hands of other people and have endured less trauma than the “prettier” stones. This includes crystal clusters that have not been polished. All this said, many raw stones do go through a physical cleansing process that can cause a little bit of trauma to the stone. It depends on what kind of mineral it is, where you got it from, etc.

Tumbled stones endure 30 days straight of being tumbled. The tumbling process bounces the stones and crystals around, throwing their oscillatory rate off kilter, which eventually inhibits their strength and healing ability. While stones and crystals generally have a pretty solid oscillatory rate, meaning their energy is not as pliable as ours as humans; when banged around relentlessly for that long, they certainly need to be cleansed and healed after the process. I do not believe the energy is ever lost, however; I do believe it can cause tears in the aura of the stone. Just like when our aura becomes damaged, the stone can become weak and lethargic in energy output. When you first receive or choose crystals~ be sure to give them love By cleansing them immediately, and giving them a purpose by programming them with your intentions and words. This will give your crystals new fresh love, life, and Light, where they can shine and help you as they are supposed to. The more attention and love you give your crystal the harder it will work for you and help you.

Tumbled stones are great for people that are easily distracted by the awkward shapes and rough textures of raw stones. It can cause some to become too distracted during the meditation process. This also goes for the cut and polished stones.

It really just depends on your sensitivity to the subtle energies of minerals and your personal preference for texture when working with them. You can use either type of stone for the same purposes. Use that intuition you are meant to use especially when it comes to crystals.

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Some of This info was sourced from Ethanlazzerini.com

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