Crystals can help when battling cancer~ they compliment traditional therapies

Crystals for cancer ~ A breakdown of particular crystals for different types of cancers~
*Note These are just recommendations NOT medical advice, meant to compliment traditional therapies, please inquire with your personal doctors for the best alternative therapies for you*

Science says cancer comes in diverse shapes, sizes and fates. And, most of us have one word that comes to head with cancer ‘death’.

History also recounts many cancer survivors claiming the power of crystals when used on cancerous cells had a healing effect. As crystals can amplify the power of medicines, in addition to ensuring peace of mind, it is no surprise that specific crystals are equally powerful as laser therapy.

For every cancer, there are specific healing crystals that can affect particular chakra points for healing. While crown and third eye heals brain related cancers, throat heals respiratory and oral cancers. Heart chakra heals blood cancer and solar plexus chaakra heals gut related cancers. The root chakra is ideal for skin and other cancers while sacral chakra is the life force energy.

When you use gemstones for cancer healing, you sign up for a new life. It can speed your recovery against cancer and prevent it from coming again. For doing so, you need to target the right chakra as well as use the crystals the right way.

Cancer Scaring You? Glue These Crystals Around!

If you’re on a natural-remedy-diet in your Cancer Battle, do not ignore your medicines as the power of energy can only work when your body has begun healing than while degenerating. Cancer is downright deadly, scary and the biggest killjoy to life.

The same is the happiness of cancer survivors too, when they battle a World War within themselves and emerge winners.

· Rose Quartz For Breast Cancer

Pink and heart are synonymous with breast cancer crystals. The queen of heart crystals and compassion, Rose Quartz is an excellent friend to hold close in your battle against breast cancer. From stress to pain, wearing or massaging this Rose Quartz your cancerous breast will bring reliefand speedy recovery.

· Hematite For Brain Cancer

Having powerful energy to displace or dissolve malignant brain tumors, hematite can work effectively on diminishing the physical pain in brain cancer patients. When programmed by keeping on the Third Eye or Crown Chakra, Hematite detoxifies the brain cells with its anti-inflammatory powers.

· Amethyst For Lung Cancer

Rejuvenating the organs is not the only merit of the purple crystal as Amethyst also regenerates failed organs. Victims of chronic tobacco use often comprise the majority of lung cancer patients. Remember to wear this Amethyst always on you as it inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in the lungs faster than most healing crystals.

· Howlite For Bone Cancer

One of the gravest types of cancer, bone marrow cancer can be treated by gaining superhuman strength in your bones. Pristine healing crystals such as howlite introduce a vigorous vitality through your bones, helping it to defend and attackcancerous cells.

· Carnelian For Kidney Cancer

Teardrop Inlaid Flower Pendant Natural Healing Crystal Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

The bright ray of hope to many, Carnelian is a savior for patients of kidney cancer as it alleviates the unbearable pain and malignancy of the disease. When the right crystals are used on the lymph nodes and bladders, our body generates healing vibrations that gradually repairs the nephrons in your kidney. Never take this Carnelian off if you’re fighting Kidney Cancer or afraid of the same.

· Red Garnet For Blood Cancer

Yet another deadly and diabolic variety of cancer affecting the young to old, Blood Cancer is a fatal warning. In addition to pills and innovative treatments, rubbing red garnet on your veins and heart chakra will purify the blood,reinforce the vessels and boost its circulation.

· Red Aventurine For Colon Cancer

Colon cancer requires heavy-duty detox and fortification of the immune system. If your colon cancer is in the first stage, red aventurine can help you fight it from spreading too. Healing the key areas of the stomach and digestion, Red Aventurine eases the pain and boosts the healing process for colon cancer patients.

· Amber For Liver Cancer

To heal the elimination organs of the body, omnipotent crystal vibrations are necessary to penetrate the liver tissues and heal from within. Rubbing Amber on your liver area can stop the pain as well as regenerate the cells to form a healthier liver!

· Smoky Quartz For Ovarian Cancer

Healing almost all lower chakra disorders, smoky quartz reduces physical and mental damage due to the cancerous growth in your ovaries. By releasing negativethoughts and blocks, Smoky Quartz heals your reproductive tract and prevents cancer from spreading too.

· Pink Tourmaline For Mouth Cancer

Yet another cause of erratic tobacco or substance use via smoking or chewing, Mouth Cancer comes with unbearable spasms too. When used on benign to malignant mouth disorders, tumors and cancers, Pink Tourmaline Ring the throat chakra to heal cancer for good!

· Neon Apatite For Skin Cancer

Removing energy and toxic blockages from the pores in your skin can diminish the chances of cancer and neon apatite does the same. When used concurrently with skin cancer, blue apatite can calm your skin and readily absorb nutrients necessary for healing too.

3 Crystals to Gift Someone with Cancer

Is your friend or family member suffering from cancer? We figured out three excellent healing crystals to gift someone with cancer to bring down their pain and suffering. These healing stones are filled with powers to heal and relieve the aftermath or pains of cancer.

· Black Onyx

Regardless of cancer your friend or close one has, black onyx will protect and guard them forever. It is one of the best gifts you can give a person battling with immune disorders such as cancer.

Which Chakra to Aim when using Black Onyx stones for Cancer

Black onyx will energize with the solar plexus chakra, simultaneously ground with the root chakra. The third eye chakra power of black onyx will give the power of intuition when used as healing stones to cure cancer.

Which Zodiac for Black Onyx Crystals are Best Effective for Cancer

Black Onyx is the birthstone of zodiac sign Leo, for those born in in the month of July (20 until 31) to August 21 ( 1 until 21).

· Peridot

The stone of higher heart energy is so gentle it will melt away the physical and psychological pain of your friend with cancer. Peridot is considered an ancient therapy for reducing stress and healing from the heart. It heals your cells and fills your mind with happy thoughts by erasing the pain.

Which Chakra to Aim when using Peridot stones for Cancer

Peridot awakens the higher heart chakra, used for happiness, contentment and success in life.

Which Zodiac for Peridot Crystals are Best Effective for Cancer

Peridot is the birthstone of zodiac sign Libra, for those born in the month of September (20 until 31) to September (1 until 21).

· Malachite

Considered one of the best crystals for lung cancer, malachite is the stone of peace too. It will relieve your friend with the cancerous disease and forget about the woes for some time. Malachite will also bring positive transforming within them. It calms the nerves and keeps the mood swings under the best control.

Which Chakra to Aim when using Malachite stones for Cancer

Malachite opens the heart chakra at first. Eventually the gentle healing energies of malachite stones move up to the throat chakra to rejuvenate it.

Which Zodiac for Malachite Crystals are Best Effective for Cancer

Malachite is the birthstone of zodiac sign Libra, for those born in the month of September (20 until 31) to September (1 until 21), Scorpio, for those born in the month of October (20 until 31) to November (1 until 21) and Capricorn, for those born in the month of December (20 until 31) to January (1 until 21).

5 Crystals for Cancer and Chemo

Crystals for Cancer and Chemo

Cancer is a deadly disease. That’s why, you need healing crystals for cancer and chemo to help your healing with chakra powers. It can be tough at first, but once you sign up for crystal healing for cancer, gemstones will bring the energy of the three worlds to heal you.

· Citrine

The best crystal for chemotherapy, citrine helps you relax and unwind easily. It prepares your physical body and mind to ready-up for the cleansing. Citrine has been used widely for gut and brain related cancers. It powers the ethereal crown chakra along with solar plexus to charge your chakra points that revitalize your cells to defeat cancer.

The yellow gemstone for cancer and chemo activates your aura energies to communicate with the higher selves for healing. Use it as a pendant or ring, but keep cleansing it with a howlite at least four times every day.

How to Use Citrine Stones for Cancer

Purify citrine stone with howlite.
Place the citrine stone of the sacral, crown or solar plexus chakra.
Chant the below mantra.
Affirmation to Charge Citrine Crystals for Chemo

“I will conquer my cancer by having a strong chemo session with the help of my Citrine powers”.

· Rose Quartz

You need patience and a lot of love to get over the pain of chemo when cancer is your friend. Rose quartz penetrates the heart to heal and beckon sunshine. Rose Quartz can brighten your days with smiles, love and miracles you never thought could exist.

As it powers the heart chakra, rose quartz is considered best for blood and heart related cancers. If cancer is wrecking your sanity or you’re more irritable than ever, rose quartz can stabilize you.

How to Use Rose Quartz Stones for Cancer

Purify Rose Quartz stone with clear quartz.
Place the Rose Quartz stone of the solar plexus chakra.
Chant the below affirmation.
Affirmation to Charge Rose Quartz Crystals for Chemo

“I will defeat my cancer by having a stabilizing chemo session with the help of my Rose Quartz powers”.

· Emerald

Yet another powerful heart chakra stone of love, Emerald is a famous stone throughout history. It could heal the eye and all the five senses faster than any other elixir. It is ruled by the planet Mercury and is the birthstone of the Zodiac cancer too.

Emerald crystals for cancer work by hacking the patient’s emotional center. Nero’s stone can hypnotize the looker and take them to a cozy land of dreams. Better than anesthesia, emerald

How to Use Emerald Stones for Cancer

Purify Emerald stone with selenite.
Place the Emerald stone of the solar plexus chakra.
Chant the below chant.
Affirmation to Charge Emerald Crystals for Chemo

“I will battle my cancer by having a deep healing chemo session with the help of my Emerald powers”.

· Green Aventurine

With cancer comes insurmountable pains and painkillers. That’s why, green aventurine can help by engulfing the pain out of the cancerous life. It is quick and healing due to the gentle heart chakra energies.

You must remember that the Heart chakra stone is powerful enough to erase the sadness from the cancer patient and fill it with a sea of happiness. It works by clearing out the blocked negative energy which is growing as a tumor within your body.

How to Use Green Aventurine Stones for Cancer

Purify Green Aventurine stone with howlite.
Place the Green Aventurine stone of the solar plexus chakra.
Chant the below saying.
Affirmation to Charge Green Aventurine Crystals for Chemo

“I will squash my cancer by having an effective chemo session with the help of my Green Aventurine powers”.

· Sugilite

A powerful stone of great mysteries, sugilite helps in detoxifying your body and replenishing the cells lost to cancer. Sugilite can help you shake off the disease and make your cancer recovery faster. In order to do so, sugilite mantras must be daily recited for programming powers.

Sugilite stones for cancer and chemo works by energizing your chakras to flush out the cancer cells with cleansing energy from the cosmos. It brings down the inflammations when regularly used as a naturalistic remedy for brain tumors.

How to Use Sugilite Stones for Cancer

Purify Sugilite stone with clear quartz.
Place the Sugilite stone of the solar plexus chakra.
Chant the below programming.
Affirmation to Charge Sugilite Crystals for Chemo

“I will win over my cancer by having a detoxifying chemo session with the help of my Sugilite powers”.

5 Crystals for Cancer Prevention

Cancer is not a monster that comes uninvited. Every time you eat more-than-you-can-take spice, salt, sugar or any food, beverage or smoke, you’re belling down the monster called cancer. It’s not too late to change your ways. Turn to crystals for cancer prevention and start living a healthy and energetic life that makes other envious!

· Green Tourmaline

Popular as the earth energy stone, green tourmaline brings joy to the heart. If you want crystals for cancer jewelry, green tourmaline can protect you and prevent your cancer from coming back. It is ideal for blood cancer as green tourmaline powers up the heart chakra. Use it as a pendant on your heart chakra to remove your fears against cancer.

Where to Keep Green Tourmaline Crystals for Preventing Cancer

The wood energy crystal for cancer healing must be placed in the Eastern corner of your home for health and wellbeing against cancer.

Best Way to Use Green Tourmaline Crystals for Preventing Cancer

Find your Sacred Space.
Sit Down.
Keep the green tourmaline crystals on the heart
Meditate Preventing Cancer for five minutes.
· Chrysocolla

An effective stone for healing crucial illnesses such as cancer, chrysocolla helps you protect against cancers too. You must wear it on your throat if you’re worried about respiratory cancers due to smoking. Chrysocolla can also attract happiness and colors to your life by erasing chances of getting cancer.

Where to Keep Chrysocolla Stones for Cancer Protection

The water energy stones for cancer protection must be kept in the Northern Area of the house to save yourself from downs in life.

Best Way to Use Chrysocolla Stones for Cancer Protection

Find your Sacred Space.
Sit comfortably.
Place the Chrysocolla crystals on throat chakra.
Visualize cancer protection for five minutes.
· Lapis Lazuli

The stone of wonders, Lapis Lazuli helps you dream and manifest the dreams of health. It is excellent to vocalize your powers and stay away from all types of cancer. Crystal patches using lapis lazuli are considered the best answers for cancers affecting specific areas.

Use Lapis Lazuli crystals for astral projection and cosmic travel to unravel life ahead.

Where to Keep Lapis Lazuli gemstones for Staying Away from Cancer

The water energy gems for preventing cancer works the best when placed in Northern Areas of the house.

Best Way to Use Lapis Lazuli gemstones for Staying Away from Cancer

Find your Sacred Space.
Relax Calmly.
Safely place the Lapis Lazuli crystals on Throat chakra.
Meditate Staying Away from Cancer for five minutes.
· Selenite

Renowned as the liquid light crystal, Selenite brings home of the healing powers of divination. You can use selenite crystal programming to heal all kinds of cancer. It helps to see into the future as well. Prominently used on crown chakra, selenite can keep the tumors and symptoms of cancers away from you.

Use selenite in your bedroom or under the bed protection to keep the evil away when you’re sleeping.

Where to Keep Selenite crystals for protection against cancer

It is best to place the selenite gems in the northern area of your home to prevent diseases like cancer from harming you.

Best Way to Use Selenite crystals for protection against cancer

Find your Sacred Space.
Breathe Calmly.
Keep the Selenite crystals on the crown chakra.
Visualize protection against cancer for five minutes.
· Turquoise

If you feel as if you’re lacking the courage to accept your disease and find the right therapy, turquoise can help you. It is an immunity-imparting stone that helps to make the wearer strong. If you’re afraid of cancer, there is no better prevent it by wearing turquoise pendants on your neck.

Where to Keep Cancer Prevention with Turquoise

As turquoise is a water energy stone, it can heal your diseases and prevent it from reaching you when kept in the northern area of your home or office.

Best Way to Use Crystals for Cancer Prevention with Turquoise

Find your Sacred Space.
Stay Calm.
Place the green tourmaline crystals on the throat chakra.
Meditate Cancer Prevention with Turquoise for five minutes.

It goes without saying that Crystals are for the extra support and never avoid your doctor’s medication during treatments, benign or malignant for crystal healing. When combined crystals can make fighting cancer a cakewalk, not to forget, metamorphose you into a ‘Goddess’ too!

Stay powerful.

🌟🌟~ Note this is NOT medical advise, please consult a physician- these are some ideas I am sharing from my crystal learning books. Take the information as you wish 🌟🌟

Gail Bordonaro