Crystal Properties A-Z ( a Basic list of crystals and their properties

Crystal Properties A-Z - 


Listed below are the most popular and basic properties of crystals that we carry in the shop from time to time  

Basic crystal properties - see references below 

AMAZONITE:  Speaking one's truth; going with the flow; synching with universal flow; cooling fiery emotions or conditions; communication; peace-making.
Element:  Water;  Chakras:  Throat & Heart

AMBER:  Amber is fossilized tree resin that is millions of years old.  It contains the energies of the Sun and the Earth, and is great for balancing overly fiery states and conditions.  It helps to ground excess fire energy and is naturally antimicrobial.  Amber is like a soothing sunny day amidst the ravages of Winter.  It is uplifting emotionally, physically, energetically.  It is also great for balancing intestinal issues where Fire is out of balance.  Amber with the fossilized insects within, helps connect us with Ancient Earth wisdom, indigenous wisdom, and love of our Gaia.  It imparts to us the natural order of Mother Earth and how we are integrally connected to all kingdoms of Gaia.
Element:  Fire, Earth;   Chakras:  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

AMETHYST:  Communion with Spirit, guides, Angels:  Divine connection; inspiration; imagination; connection with the Source; releasing addictions; master healer.
Element:  Wind (Air);  Chakras:  Third Eye, Crown, & Etheric

AMETRINE: Combination of Amethyst and Citrine; See entries for both.
Elements: Air (Wind) & Fire; Chakras: Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown

ANGELITE:  Peace, serenity, facilitates connection with angels & guides, promotes peaceful communication, assists meditation, cooperation, diplomacy, opens third eye & crown
Element:  Wind (Air);  Chakras:  Third Eye, Crown, Throat

APATITE, BLUE:  Third Eye activation, enhances psychic abilities & intuition, mental clarity,  dream work, assists with alternate life work & accessing karmic information that affects the present lifetime, healing for eye problems & headaches.
Element:  Wind (Air);  Chakras:  Third Eye

APOPHYLLITE, CLEAR:  Opens the Crown, Third Eye, & Etheric Chakras to assist with communication with Spirit, Angels, guides, higher self, and all of the spiritual realm; assists with meditation; each crystal is like a tiny cathedral of light which one can enter for deep spiritual communion.
Element:  Wind (Air);   Chakras:  Third Eye, Crown, & Etheric

APOPHYLLITE, GREEN: Same as with Clear Apophyllite (see above entry), but with added heart & Earth activation.  Connection with the Earth & Nature Spirits; love of Earth; Heart expansion;  physical healing; regeneration;  detoxification; Earth healing & regeneration; balancing of Earth & Air Elements.
Element:  Wind (Air) & Earth;   Chakras:  Third Eye, Crown, Etheric & also Root & Heart

AQUAMARINE:  Release, especially of emotional baggage and situations that no longer serve; speaking one's truth; soothing; peace; being able to communicate one's heart's desire; communication
Element:  Water;  Chakras:  Throat (& Heart)

ARAGONITE, BLUE:  Connecting the mind with the throat for expression of one's thoughts and highest ideals, as well as connecting the heart with the throat for expression of one's emotions and emotional desires.  Enhances communication of all forms.  Ushers in a breath of fresh air into any situation or relationship.  Assists with communication with the realm of Spirit.  Great stone for speakers, teachers, channelers, etc. as it opens and clears the Throat chakra.  Peaceful, breezy, flowing energy.
Element:  Air (Wind) & Water;  Chakras:  Throat, Heart, Third Eye & Crown

ARAGONITE STAR CLUSTERS:  Gently breaks through energetic blockages; assists with attaining enlightened states of consciousness; assist with meditation; balancing energy fields; promotes integrity of the aura;, integration & healing of emotional trauma; emotional release; grounding light into the physical body; assists with skeletal issues including broken bones & osteoporosis..
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All

ARAGONITE CONCRETIONS:  These specimens are concretions formed as minerals (Calcium Carbonate) deposited within the bodies of sea creatures.  As waters receded, and ancient seas were exposed to the sun and air, these concretions dried out, cracked & revealed the beautiful patterns that we see today.  Grounding; life force; regeneration; strength; persistence, transformation; slow, steady healing.
Element:  Earth;  Chakra: Root

ASTROPHYLLITE: Powerful Storm Element stone with complex chemical composition. Connects the Soul Star chakra above the head with the Earth Star chakra beneath the feet to activate the entire chakra column, charging, aligning, removing blockages, and ushering in high frequency light. Strengthens the entire energy field; assists in communication with our Star Seed families of light; assists with integration of our shadow side; expansion into higher dimensions; protection from entity attachment, radiation overload (as in heavy electronic and computer usage); transformation.
Element: Storm;  Chakras: All

AURALITE-23:  These crystals are a new discovery within the last couple of years.  They look like Amethyst but actually contain up to 40 other minerals, including gold, silver, titanium and many others.  This is thought to be one of the oldest stones on the planet at 1.3 billion years old.  It is believed that while the Earth was cooling and as Amethyst was forming, a meteoric impact caused the introduction of all of these other minerals, many not native to the area where Auralite-23 is mined.  The result is these crystals of high, intense, transformational energy.  They awaken in us that which is eternal.  They whisper that we, too are from the stars!  Auralite-23 also speaks of our divine mission upon this Earth and calls out the old soul to awaken, to remember ancient Earth wisdom, and also to look to the stars and our galactic & cosmic families, of which we are an integral part down here on the front lines of creation. I've just begun my work with Auralite-23, so I'll add more when it is revealed.
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All, esp. Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown and Etheric

AVENTURINE (GREEN):  Growth; new beginnings; abundance; connection with the Earth & Nature Spirits; emotional & physical healing; health & vitality; joy & gratitude; emotional & physical heart healing.
Elements:  Water & Earth;  Chakras:  Heart & Root

AVENTURINE, (RED):  Grounding, physical health, vitality, energy, action, stamina
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  Root, Sacral

AZURITE:  Third Eye activation; intuition; inspiration; vision; seeing within; insight; connecting the heart & the mind.
Element:  Air (Wind);  Chakras:  Third Eye, also Crown & Heart

BAMBOO JASPER:  Unusual stone with strong, steady healing & grounding energy. This is a stone for physical manifestation & healing.
Element:  Earth;  Chakra:  Root

BARITE:  Connection with Higher Self; clearing energetic blockages from Third Eye & Crown; release of that which no longer serves; aligning with one's higher purpose.
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  Third Eye & Crown

BISMUTH (crystals): These wondrous geometric, rainbow-colored formations teach us about creating order out of chaos.  Their energy reminds me of Merlin, the great magician; alchemy; marrying of science and spirituality; initiation into great mysteries; creation.  Bismuth is a light metal that can form in these formations in nature, but usually doesn't due to space & conditions.  These are formed with controlled conditions within a lab. Amazing!
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All

BLACK TOURMALINE:  Purification (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual); protection; transmuting and transforming negativity; protecting one's energy field from negative attachments; grounding; protection from radiation; one of the few stones that never requires cleansing or clearing.
Element:  Earth;  Chakra:  Root

BLIZZARD STONE (GABBRO): This stone is capable of resonating with the highest as well as the lowest frequencies of light available to us on Earth. It assists in grounding our energy into the Earth, as well as connecting our energy with Spirit. Balancing to Earth- Air (Wind) polarities, and is one of the few stones that can do so. Connecting the Root and Crown chakras; Stabilizing to the energy field, supportive, grounding; Also assists with intuition, opening to spiritual guidance; helps us to ground spiritual and intuitive information into our physical reality in order to manifest our creations here on the Earth plane.
Element: Earth & Air (Wind); Chakras: Root & Crown primarily, but all are stimulated to some degree.

BLOODSTONE:  Courage; physical vitality & health; strength; healing for blood conditions such as anemia, leukemia, etc.; grounding; drawing up Earth energy for health, abundance & energy.
Element:  Earth;  Chakra:  Root

BLUE LACE AGATE:  Enhancement of communication, especially the spoken word; assists with communicating one's higher mind as well as one's truth; great stone for teachers or public speakers; soothing to throat ailments, as well as "fiery" conditions, such as anger, stress, etc.
Element:  Water;   Chakra:  Throat

CALCITE, BLUE:  Emotionally soothing; calming; creative inspiration; opening to psychic abilities;enhances communication; assists us in speaking our truth and communicating our inspirations to others in a way that will be received & understood; activates Throat & Third Eye; balances Water & Fire Elements; allows one to relax & to be open to creative inspiration.
Elements:  Fire, Water & Air (Wind);   Chakras:  Throat &Third Eye (& Solar Plexus to a lesser degree)

CALCITE, CLEAR:  Energetic alignment; removal of energetic blockages; spontaneity; clarity of focus; action; stimulates metabolism; movement; dispels stagnant energy in any chakra or system.
‚ÄčElements: ¬†Fire & Air; ¬†Chakras: ¬†All especially Solar Plexus, Third Eye & Crown

CALCITE, OPTICAL CLEAR (ICELAND SPAR):  This variety of Clear Calcite forms in rhombohedral crystals & is colorless & transparent. It was first discovered in Iceland, hence the name.  The cool thing about Iceland Spar Calcite is that is double-refractive.  Objects viewed through it will appear as double images. This form has implications regarding its properties.  It assists with moving forward, releasing limitations & outdated modes of behavior; spontaneity; mental clarity & focus; physical energy; removes energetic blockages that are holding one back; Third Eye activation; psychic visions; joy; movement; metabolic stimulation.
Elements:  Fire & Air (Wind);  Chakras:  All especially Solar Plexus, Third Eye & Crown

CALCITE, COBALTIAN:  Healing the emotional and mental components of trauma; heart healing; mobilizing the root causes of emotional trauma for release when one is ready to do so; connecting the sacred mind and sacred heart; Love and passion for life.
Elements: Fire, Water, some Air (Wind);   Chakras:  especially Heart, also Sacral, Crown


CALCITE, GREEN:  One of the best stones for balancing the Fire - Water polarity; emotional balance; physical & emotional healing; growth, movement, freshness; release; soothing for fiery emotions & conditions; forgiveness; emotional & physical heart healing; breaking through energetic emotional and physical blockages, especially heart-related.
Element:  Fire & Water;  Chakra:  Heart (& Solar Plexus)

CALCITE, GOLDEN (CITRINE CALCITE):  Ushers the golden ray of divine wisdom into the body,enabling one to bring that higher perspective & guidance into one's creations. This is a stone of the enlightened solar plexus: enlightened leadership; divine will, "Thy will, not my will"; manifestation; creation

Element:  Fire;    Chakras:  Solar Plexus, Crown

CALCITE, HONEY:  Mental clarity; dispels outdated beliefs, thought forms, behaviors that are keeping one stuck or stagnated; assists with putting Divine inspiration & guidance into action; breaks through energetic blockages on all levels; personal power; empowerment; right use of power; hormonal & endocrine balance.
Elements:  Fire & Air (Wind);  Chakras:  All especially Solar Plexus, Third Eye & Crown

CALCITE, ORANGE:  Physical & creative energy, sexuality, joy, movement of energy, dispelling depression or stagnation; vitality; hormonal balance
Element:  Fire;   Chakras:  Navel & Solar Plexus

CALCITE, PINK MANGANO:  Emotional healing; heart healing; love, compassion, joy, gratitude; contains both Fire & Water energies, so while we are emotionally soothed, buried or blocked emotions surface in order to be faced & cleared.  The Fire component asks that we act upon the wisdom & energy imparted.
Element:  Fire & Water;  Chakras:  Heart & Solar Plexus

CALCITE, RED:  Vitality; stimulates hormonal balance; physical health; sexuality; energy; grounding; embracing physicality; passion for life; sensuality; supports pregnancy
Element:  Fire & Earth;  Chakras:  Root, Sacral

CARNELIAN:  Action; vitality; creativity; sexuality; courage; success; hormone balancing; supports pregnancy / fertility
Element:  Fire;  Chakras:  Navel, Solar Plexus, & Root

CAT'S EYE:  Seeing through illusion; deflecting unwanted energies; intuition; protection from psychic attack.
Element:  Wind (Air);  Chakra:  Third Eye

CAVANSITE :  Spiritual growth & enlightenment; enhances meditation; intuition; accessing higher guidance; communication; joy; clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance.  Embodies the pure Blue Ray.
Element:  Wind (Air);  Chakras:  Third Eye & Crown

CELESTITE:  Communication with the Angelic realm; connection with Spirit, guides, Higher Self; promotes peace & tranquility; soothing;  Celestite's high, sweet vibrations promote a sense of ease & well-being in one's self as well as one's environment.
Element:  Wind (Air);  Chakras:  Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star, & Etheric chakras above the head

CELESTITE (Ohio--currently out of stock):  Same properties as Madagascar Celestite with a sprinkling of "Water" energies added for joy, love, and expressing one's joy and love.
Element:  Wind (Air) with a bit of Water;  Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Sour Star, Etheric, and Heart, Throat added

CHALCEDONY, BLUE:  Peace, serenity; soothing to all the bodies; peaceful & flowing communication; intuition; inner knowing; calming to the nervous system & overactive mind; enables one to speak one's truth with the coherent wisdom of the sacred mid; soothing to throat, eye, ear & sinus inflammatory conditions.
Element:  Water & Air);  Chakras:  Throat & Third Eye

CHALCOPYRITE (PEACOCK ORE):  Grounding; grounding high emotions; joy; mood elevation; emotional stability.
Elements:  Earth, some Water, some Fire;  Chakras:  Root & Heart


CHAROITE:  Discovering one's soul path & life's work; finding one's unique path of service; dharma; enables one to receive inspiration from Spirit, and manifest these creations onto the physical Earth plane; gives one strength to continue along one's chosen path; healing on all levels.
Element:  Air (Wind);  Chakras:  Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star, & Etheric; also Earth Star, Root, & Solar Plexus.

CHIASTOLITE FAIRY CROSS: Chiastolite is a form of Andalusite that has a cross pattern formed by carbon inclusions when the stone is cross-sectioned.  Balance through movement & change; chakra & aura cleansing; opens one up to the highest & lowest electromagnetic frequencies available to humanity; protection of the energy field / aura; strength; grounding as well as opening to high frequency energy & guidance.
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  Root & Crown

CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE:  Grounding; embracing physicality while being connected to the realm of Spirit and higher guidance; balance between physical and spiritual; good fortune & abundance; markings represent the primal burst of creation within the void with the energy available to be directed into one's physical reality; joy in physicality while seeing the Divine in everything; manifestation of Heaven on Earth; Overcoming fear & limitation: female fertility, especially physical, but also emotional & energetic; achieving one's soul purpose
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  All

CHRYSOCOLLA:  Communication; speaking one's truth & higher wisdom as well as one's heart's desire; getting one's needs met through communication; sound healing; music; great stone for teachers & public speakers; cooling to throat ailments; letting your soul song be heard!
Element:  Water;   Chakra:  Throat

CITRINE:  Manifestation, self-worth, self-identity, personal power; joy; abundance; success
Element:  Fire;  Chakras:  Solar Plexus, Navel

CLEAR QUARTZ:  Clarity; energy transmission & programming; master healer & teacher; enhances any & all energy; ancient Earth knowledge.Many different forms impart further energies & wisdom.  Clear Quartz teaches us about reflecting, refracting & Being the light, something we are all trying to integrate in this lifetime.
Elements:  All;  Chakras:  All, including Etheric

CUPRITE:  Divine feminine; Earth Mother; Gaia energy; nurturing; balance of hormones; pregnancy support; grounding; womb of creation.
Element:  Earth;  Chakra:  Root

DALMATIAN JASPER:  Grounding; slow, steady healing; joy in physicality; light-heartedness; optimism; abundance
Element: Earth;  Chakras: Root

DANBURITE: Danburite's high, sweet, angelic vibration ushers us into new phases in our lives and supports us energetically as we are initiated into the mysteries of our next level of evolution; enhances meditation; peace; joy; healing energy that feels very much like when one is "in the flow" when giving or receiving Reiki or other vibrational healing; channeling.
Element: Storm (gentle):  Chakras:  All, especially Third Eye, Crown, Etheric, and Heart

DIOPSIDE (BLACK STAR):  assists in grounding, physical health through Earth resonance & direct communication & linking into Earth's electromagnetic field.  It attunes us to Earth energy & Earth wisdom, allowing deeper connection to Nature & all Kingdoms of Mother Earth.

Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  Earth Star, Root, Heart
DOLOMITE, PINK: Health; healing; physical enjoyment; recovery from toxins or illness; overcoming harmful habits, attitudes, beliefs; assists us to act in loving ways to ourselves; seeing the bright side of things; emotional healing and release; making spirituality a part of our everyday life, even the mundane parts.
Element: Earth; Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown

DRAVITE: Dravite is a combination of Green & Black Tourmaline, although its actions are gentler than Black Tourmaline; gentle purification & cleansing; grounding; physical health; healing; protecting the energy field from radiation and negative energy & entities. Like all Tourmalines, it rapidly moves energy.
‚ÄčElements: Earth & Water; Chakras: Root, Heart

ELESTIAL QUARTZ:  assists with grounding higher frequency energy from the cosmic realm into our physical bodies so that we can utilize it at an appropriate level for growth and transformation here on the Earth plane (think solar flare that can be utilized without short-circuiting); incorporating the frequency and wisdom of our Higher Self into our physical body; angelic communication; healing on all levels--physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual; specific to healing bone (structural) issues.  Elestials are reminiscent of the journey we take before we incarnate on Earth, as we must "step down" our vibrations in order to exist in the world of matter.  But the codes of this journey are stored within the crystal for access when we are ready.
Element:  Earth;   Chakras:  All (especially Earth Star, Root, Heart, Third Eye, Crown & Soul Star)

EMERALD:  Love, physical heart healing, compassion, gratitude, joy, abundance; ease; flow
Element:  Water;  Chakra:  Heart

EPIDOTE:  Earth & Water Elemental energies; assists with transformation of negativity or density into light & energy; works on both the physical & emotional levels, allowing release of negative patterns & habits; assists us to take action when we feel stuck in a rut in order to better our reality; assists us to raise our vibrations through transformation of thoughts, emotional responses, words etc.
Elements:  Earth & Water;  Chakras:  Root & Heart

EUDIALYTE:  Carries both Earth & Water Element energies; assists with balancing our emotions with our physical reality; assists with develoing & discovering our unique talents & passions, & then  directing these into our ohysical world in the form of career, life path erc. so that we can live our passion every day; helps release rigidly ingrained beliefs that keep us in a rut that causes stagnation or disharmony; asks us to follow our heart
Element:  Earth & Water;  Chakras: Root & Heart

FANCY JASPER:  Discipline; slow, steady healing; grounds excess mental energy to improve mental functioning.
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  All

FLUORITE:  Self-discipline; grounding excess mental (Wind) energy; manifesting ideas into reality; retention of information; great stone to assist with studying; assists with life-planning & taking the first step on the larger journey; assists with organization of energies on all levels--physical, mental, emotional, spiritual; specific colors add further flavor & energies to the stones.
Element:  Wind (Air);  Chakras:  All

-PURPLE FLUORITE opens the Third Eye & Crown chakras, enabling insight, connection to Spirit & intellect; helps with vertigo, headaches, & sinus congestion.

-GREEN FLUORITE adds Water energies to the Wind energy of Fluorite, opening the Heart & Throat chakras, as well as the Third Eye & Crown, promoting healing on all levels; cleansing & release of that which no longer serves.

-BLUE FLUORITE adds extra Wind energy & also some Water energies; connects the Throat & Third Eye for communication of one's inspirations & dreams in a clear manner; intuition; insight; enhances communication of all types, but especially the spoken word; good stone for public speakers & teachers. 

-AMBER FLUORITE adds Fire & Earth to Fluorite's Wind energies, enhancing creativity, personal power, & sense of self; grounding & energizing; great stone to assist with manifestation; Solar Plexus, Navel & Root activation.

-CLEAR FLUORITE further enhances Crown activation, opening us to clear communication with Spirit; Higher Self connection; enhances the intellect & intuition.

-RAINBOW FLUORITE includes many colors in interesting patterns and combinations.  These gorgeous stones include all the energies inherent in any of the single-colored Fluorites.

FULGURITE:  Fulgurite is formed when lightning hits sand, forming glassy, silicate tubes.  The extreme energy exchange from this event is captured in the Fulgurite, lending a great amount of transformational energy to these specimens.  They have been used as "prayer tubes" throughout history, carrying messages to heaven. Sudden & Major transformation; Purification; Spiritual Awakening.
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All

FUSCHITE (GREEN MUSCOVITE):  Heart opening & healing; spiritual awakening, intuition, Third Eye activation; insulates from psychic, empathic & spiritual overload, as may occur with very rapid spiritual awakening, allowing us to develop at our own pace without burnout or overload; connects the heart & the mind.
‚ÄčElements: ¬†Water, Air )Wind), Storm; ¬†Chakras: ¬†Heart, Third Eye, Crown

GARNET:  Abundance, prosperity, physical health, accepting & feeling worthy of love & abundance; opening to Divine love.
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  Root, Heart, & Crown

GOLDEN AGATE:  Grounding; physical healing; bringing creative ideas to Earth for manifestation; self-esteem.
Elements:  Earth & Fire;  Chakras:  Root, Navel, & Solar Plexus

HEMATITE:  Grounding; manifesting Divine light on the Earth plane;  manifestation and prosperity; strength; increasing life force; healing disorders of the blood.
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  Root & Earth Star;  for Hematite Magnets:  All Chakras

HERKIMER DIAMONDS:  Herkimer "diamonds" are super-charged Quartz found only in Herkimer, New York, and having special properties.  Joy; mind and consciousness expansion; connecting deeply with Spiritual and Starseed wisdom; pineal gland activation; shamanic journeying
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All especially Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star and Etheric

HIDDENITE (GREEN KUNZITE):  Heart healing; Powerful heart activation stone that teaches us about the cycle of joy & gratitude:  when we acknowledge the blessings of the universe, we feel joy & when we send thanks back to the universe, we feel gratitude. This harmonic field, once established, draws more of the same to you by the Law of Resonance; feeling worthy of love;  releasing emotional trauma.
Element: Water;  Chakra: Heart 

IOLITE:  Imagination; third eye opener; meditation; inner sight; inner journey; bears the pure Indigo Ray
Element:  Air (Wind);  Chakra:  Third Eye

KAMBABA JASPER:  After working with this stone even briefly, I sense different energies than I've ever seen described by anyone else.  As with all Jaspers, it has an undertone of grounding, slow, steady healing, persistence, etc. , but this stone is definitely STORM energy!  I feel swirling galaxies, infinite space, infinite potentials.  It has very strong transformational energy and is very potent for inducing wanted change, getting "unstuck", and unleashing your creative abilities.  There is major Kundalini activation with this stone! The grounding energies help to make Kambaba Jasper feel approachable and not as chaotic as some other potent Storm Element stones.
Chakras:  All;  Element:  Storm & Earth 

KYANITE, BLUE:  Rapid movement of energy; cutting through energetic blockages; connecting different parts of oneself into a whole; connecting groups of very different individuals for a common purpose; building bridges between oneself & the spiritual realm; understanding the connection in all things; Unity; Oneness; Psychic abilities; Helps create alternate pathways & new connections after neurological trauma, stroke, seizures, brain or nerve injury; fabulous stone for enhancing the healer / client or student / teacher relationship
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All, especially Third Eye, Crown, & Etheric

LABRADORITE:  Seeing and opening to the magic in all things; seeing within; increasing psychic and magical abilities; initiation into the mysteries
Element:  All, especially  Air (Wind);  Chakras:  All, especially Third Eye

LAPIS LAZULI:  Intuition; self-knowledge; third eye activation; developing psychic abilities; connection to alternate lifetimes, especially in Atlantis / ancient Egypt / Tibet / India; connection to extraterrestial beings.
Element:  Air (Wind);  Chakra:  Third Eye

LARIMAR:  This beautiful stone is also called the Atlantis or Dolphin stone, bringing with it the wisdom of our Atlantean heritage as well as communication from the Cetacean realm (dolphins & whales).  Nurturing the self & others; self-love & emotional healing; peace; stress reduction; balances Water & Fire energies; soothes "fiery" conditions such as inflammation, auto-immune disorders, infections, arthritis, etc.; communication.
Element:  Water & Fire;  Chakras:  Throat & Heart

LEMURIAN SEED CRYSTAL:  Connection with the Divine Feminine/ Goddess energy / Great Mother; connecting with ancient Earth knowledge, especially from Lemuria; Angelic & higher self connection; Heart-centered wisdom; Soothing & nurturing energy.
Element: Air (Wind), Earth;   Chakras:  Crown, Soul Star, & Etheric

LEPIDOLITE:  Ultimate emotional heart soother & healer; peace; relaxation; release of stress, grief, trauma (especially emotional & mental), worry; emotional balance; high content of Lithium.
Element:  Water;  Chakras:  Heart, Third Eye.

MALACHITE:  Personal will; leadership; intention; creativity; confidence; knowing the difference between Divine and ego-based leadership; following one's heart's desire if it is not ego-based, but Divine-based; soothing to inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis, sprains, etc.
Element:  Fire;  Chakras:  Solar Plexus & Heart

MERLINITE (MYSTIC): Opening to the mysteries; alchemical wisdom; wizard-like energy, hence the name! Working with our shadow side to bring these things into the light for healing, acceptance and integration; strong catalyst for transformation; spiritual and metaphysical expansion.
‚ÄčElement: Storm; Chakras: All

MOLDAVITE:  Moldavite is the result of a meteoric collision with Earth millions of years ago.  True Moldavite is only found in the Czech plateau region.  Rapid transformation on all levels ; expansion to other dimensions; connection with extra-terrestrials, cosmic civilizations & races; galactic wisdom; communing with Star Seed races, such as the Pleidians, Sirians, & Arcturians.
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All, especially Crown & Etheric

MORGANITE: Connection with the angelic realm;  Heart & emotional healing; love; compassion; unconditional love; Divine love; feeling worthy of love & abundance; emotional abundance; releasing emotional trauma.
Element:  Water;  Chakra:  Heart

MOOK JASPER (MOOKAITE):  Healing, cellular regeneration at the DNA level; slowing the aging process by raising one's vibration; clearing unhealthy patterns from the genetic code, such as cancer genes, familial history of disease, etc.  Once altered, all future generations will have the blueprint for altered genetics. Support in healing from cancers and their treatments (chemo and radiation therapies)
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

MOONSTONE:  Intuition; Inner knowing; Insight; Psychic abilities; Dreams; Initiation into the mysteries; Divine Feminine; Cycles.
Element:  Wind & Water;   Chakras:  Third Eye & Crown

MOSS AGATE:  Connection with Nature & Nature Spirits; abundance; gardening; love of the Earth; connection with animals; physical health.
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  Heart & Root

NEPHRITE JADE: Abundance, health, money, financial well-being, fertility, harmony in business as well as personal life, joy, happiness; enjoying physicality and all the joys it has to offer; general body tonic for physical health; brings in the vibrant growth energy of Spring.
Element: Earth; Chakras: Root & Heart

NUUMMITE:  Nuummite is a very, very ancient stone found only in Greenland.  It assists with working with our shadow side, teaching us to embrace and face these shadowy parts of ourselves so that we can fully integrate the totality of our being.  Soul retrieval; shamanic work; going within; understanding the mysteries.
Element:  Earth and Storm;  Chakras:  All

OBSIDIAN, BLACK:   Protection, both physical and psychic;  protecting the aura from attachments, energetic cords, & other nasties; working with the shadow self; releasing negativity; a stone of the void that allows us to journey within that unmanifested realm for wisdom, guidance and healing; grounding; releasing addictions & negativity; removing energetic blockages.
Element:  Earth & some Fire;  Chakras:  Root & Sacral (Navel)

OCEAN JASPER: Physical health and healing; cellular & tissue regeneration; release of cellular & genetic patterns that do not serve; slow steady healing; calming, soothing energy; release of energetic blockages; moving forward; embracing physicality. 
Element: Earth; Chakras: Root, Heart

ONYX, BLACK:  Grounding; magic; right use of power; enhancing the connection between the feet, legs & pelvis, so it is great for weak legs or feet or for those who have trouble with eliminating bodily wastes; release; enhances the ability to connect into Earth's electromagnetic field for physical health & grounding excess Fire energy; perserverence
Element:  Earth;  Chakras: Earth Star & Root

PERIDOT:  Joy; abundance; connection with the Earth and nature; physical & heart healing.
Element:  Earth;  Chakra:  Heart, Solar Plexus, Root

PETALITE:  Immediately lifts one's mood & vibration; enhances meditation; peace; tranquility; connecting with Higher Self, Angels, Guides, the Divine; healing & balancing emotional traumas.
Element:  Wind (Air);   Chakras:  Third Eye, Crown & Etheric

PETRIFIED WOOD:  Petrified Wood is ancient wood into which Agate has been deposited over the millennia; Slow, steady healing; grounding; beginnings; roots; ancient Earth knowledge; Akashic Earth records; connection with Nature & all of Earth's kingdoms (animal, plant, crystalline, elemental etc.); evolution on all levels.
Element:  Earth;   Chakras:  Root & Third Eye

PHOSPHOSIDERITE: Opening to divine love & the realm of spirit; heart opening; clearing the mental & emotional bodies; connecting the mind & heart; the dreamy lavender-pink color is soothing emotionally & mentally.
Element:  Wind (Air) & Water;  Chakras:  Crown, Third Eye, Heart

PICTURE JASPER:  Connecting to Earth's consciousness; astral travel to sacred Earth sites & ancient civilizations; acts as an energetic portal to connect with ancient Earth knowledge; grounding; slow, steady healing
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  Root & Third Eye

PINK TOURMALINE (RUBELLITE):  One of the best heart-healing stones!  Love, self love, peace, emotional healing; release of emotional trauma; rapid energy movement of emotional traumas out of the emotional body for clearing & release.
Element:  Water;   Chakra:  Heart

PINK TOURMALINE (RUBELLITE) IN QUARTZ: Pink Tourmaline is one of the best heart healing stones! Enhances self love; assists in clearing energetic blockages to love, forgiveness, intimacy, etc.  As with all Tourmalines, rapid energy movement, ushering emotional baggage out of our hearts and emotional bodies to be cleared & released.  The Quartz matrix stabilizes the Pink Tourmaline & amplifies its energy.
Element:  Water(Pink Tourmaline) & Storm (Quartz);  Elements:  All especially Heart & Throat

PINK & GREEN TOURMALINE (BI-COLOR):  Read above entries for Pink Tourmaline. The Green Tourmaline adds physical & emotional healing; strength; vitality; physical heart healing; sends a flush of healing energy throughout the body; movement of healing energy through the chakras & meridians to support whole body healing.
Elements:  Water & Earth;  Chakras:  Root &Heart

ÔĽŅPYRITE: Success, abundance; grounding; drawing up Earth's unlimited energy supply into our bodies for healing & vitality; structure; confidence; divine knowledge; joy. ¬†Ushers in the golden ray of divine wisdom into the solar plexus for creation & manifestation based on higher guidance.
Elements: ¬†Earth (& Fire); ¬†Chakras: Root, Navel (Sacral), Solar Plexus & CrownÔĽŅ

RAINFOREST JASPER:  Physical health & healing; Earth connection & healing; connection with Earth knowledge; Mother Earth; Unity with all Earth's kingdoms; ecology; joy.
Element:  Earth;   Chakras:  All

RED AGATE:  Vitality; life force; grounding; stability; persistence; slow, steady healing.
Element:  Earth;  Chakra:  Root

RED JASPER:  Physical health, healing on a physical level, works slowly & steadily to bring about physical healing.  It's actions are not flashy or extreme, but the healing & work done with Red Jasper as your ally tends to be long lasting & deeply ingrained into the physical body.  Very grounding.
Element:  Earth;  Chakra:  Root

RHODOCHROSITE:  The premier stone for healing the inner child!  Rhodochrosite bears both Fire & Water energies, so is wonderful for balancing these polarities & is also one of the best stones for bridging the gap between the Solar Plexus & the Heart ("Lower" & "Upper" chakras) that so many people exhibit.  Soothing, nurturing, creative energies in these little beauties!
Elements:  Fire & Water;  Chakras:  Sacral, Solar Plexus & Heart
RHODONITE: Connecting our hearts with the fire of our will & creativity; Rhodonite embodies both Fire & Water energies & assists those who have trouble balancing the Water & Fire within themselves; discovering one's unique talents & learning how to uncover & apply these talents in a manner consistent with our heart's desire;  Looking for a career that beings you joy while utilizing your own unique gifts & talents?  Rhodonite can help with that!  Also physical healing, vitality, toxin release.
Elements:  Water & Fire; Earth;    Chakras:  Solar Plexus, Heart & Root

ROSE QUARTZ:  Unconditional love; compassion. gratitude; joy; emotional healing.  The ultimate stone for self-love & emotional healing!
Element:  Water;  Chakra:  Heart

RUBY:  Ruby assists us to tap into the infinite energy available to us within the Earth; vitality; grounding; life force energy; abundance; joy from fully participating in the Earth experience; fully embracing one's physicality; may assist those who resist incarnation to feel more comfortable in their bodies.  These particular specimens  have markings on them that appear to be laser inscribed codes from the time of Atlantis.  They may hold wisdom & knowledge from that period that may assist us now, as we transition to the new Earth paradigm.
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  Root, Earth Star (& Heart)

RUBY RECORD KEEPERS: Read also the entry for Ruby. These have triangular laser etched markings that were believed to be created during the Atlantean or Lemurian civilizations, as we do not currently possess the technology for such markings. The triangles actually become part of the molecular structure of the stone. Record Keeper markings are believed to contain ancient Earth and galactic wisdom & codes that can be activated or unlocked by the individual working with the stone.  
Element:  Earth:  Chakras:  Root, Heart, Crown

RUBY IN BLUE KYANITE: See Ruby and Blue Kyanite entries
Element: Storm, Earth;   Chakras: All

RUBY IN FUSCHITE:  Fuschite is the green variety of Muscovite.  It ushers in pure heart opening & healing, as well as spiritual awakening, intuition & third eye opening.  Fuschite acts to insulate from psychic & empathic overstimulation, allowing one to develop at one's own pace without burnout or overload; Connecting the heart & mind.  With the added energies of Ruby bringing the physical healing, manifestation & abundance properties into the mix, this stone combination allows us to manifest & feel comfortable with the creations brought about by our heart's & mind's collective wisdom, all infused with the spiritual connection to our Higher Self & the realm of spirit.  A potent combination for stepping onto our divine path with confidence, clarity & vision.
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  Earth Star, Root, Heart, Third Eye, Crown

RUBY IN ZOISITE:  Ruby brings vitality and life force energy, awakening our sense of the Divine abundance available to all, as well as our worthiness of this abundance; Green Zoisite brings a flush of physical healing energy to the whole body, activating our natural immunities and acting to stimulate growth, joy, gratitude, & abundance on all levels; Promotes & supports physical healing during recovery from diseases and their treatments, such as cancers, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All, esp. Root, Heart, & Third Eye

RUTILATED QUARTZ:  Expanding awareness; programmable; assists in gaining spiritual knowledge & wisdom; inspiration on all levels; helps maintain mental focus;  assists with following through on plans & acting on inspiration; manifestation; grounding Divine inspiration onto the Earth plane. The colors of the rutile inclusions will indicate how the energy from the quartz (either smoky, clear, or a combination) will be directed.  Silver rutiles will activate intuitive abilities; gold to orange rutiles will activate creative abilities; red to brown rutiles will activate vibrant health and physical abundance.  All stones are different, so all are unique!  This is a very powerful one to work with!
Element:  Storm;  Chakra:  All

SAPPHIRE, BLUE:  Amazing Third Eye opener, enhancing psychic abilities & acting to allow the wisdom of pure soul consciousness to be expressed in an understandable manner.
Element:  Wind (Air);  Chakras:  Third Eye & Throat

SELENITE, WHITE:  Higher self & angelic connection; connection with Spiritual realm; rapid movement of energy; breaking through energetic blockages & direction of energy.
Element:  Air (Wind);   Chakras:  Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star & Etheric

SELENITE, PEACH:  Same properties as White Selenite with some added joy, compassion & love energies.
Element:  Air (Wind);  Chakras:  Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star, Etheric, Heart

SEPTARIAN (currently out of stock)  Septarian "nodules" or "concretions"  formed 50 - 70 million years ago when sea levels were much higher than today. Sea sediments and minerals replaced the body structure of sea creatures as  they died, decayed and fell to the bottom of the ocean.  As sea levels receded, these specimens cracked and formed the unique patterns visibly seen in these pieces today.  Septarian commonly contains Yellow Calcite (joy, creativity, spontaneity)  Brown Aragonite (clearing & balancing energies fields), Grey Limestone, and White to Clear Barite (clearing higher chakras, connecting with Higher Self, healing for brain injuries / trauma) .  All of these components lend their individual energies and flavors to the overall stone.  Septarian specimens are wonderful physical healing allies, beneficial to overall health.  It also stimulates psychic abilities; grounding; nurturing (think Mother Earth and Healing Sea)
Elements:  All;   Chakras: All, including Etheric

SERAPHINITE:  This beautiful stone has been called the"Healing Stone of the Angels".  It brings a flush of tremendous healing energy that works on all chakras & all levels, physical, energetic, emotional, mental, & spiritual; cellular regeneration at the DNA level; releasing that which no longer serves; connection with the Angelic realm; Healing of self, humanity, & the Earth.  Very powerful!
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All

SERPENTINE:  physical healing, kundalini initiation, connecting with Earth energy and Earth wisdom, vitality, strength, sense of acclimating to new locales, deep communion with the electromagnetic field of Gaia.
Element: Earth Chakras: Earth Star, Root, potentially all

SERPENTINE JADE:  physical healing; freshness; new perspective; vitality; new beginnings; connection with the Earth & nature spirits; gardening; abundance; health; joy & gratitude.
Element:  Earth;  Chakras: Root & Heart

SHIVA LINGAM:  True Shiva Lingams are found only near the Narmada River in India; Potent Storm Element stones that amplify the body's electromagnetic field, chakras, & meridians on all levels--physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual; The shape represents the male aspect of creation & the markings represent the female aspect.  Together they energetically act to uite the male / female polarities in a state of Divine union; kundalini activation cuminating in spiritual awakening & expansion.  Very powerful!
Elements:  All, Storm;  Chakras:  All

SHUNGITE:  assists in purifying the entire body of whatever negative or disharmonious energy exists so that we can receive an influx of Spiritual Light; dispels negativity & ushers in high vibrational energy; truth; harmony; purification on major levels so that we can walk our greater spiritual path.  Very powerful!
Elements:  Earth, Fire, Air(Wind), Storm;  Chakras:  All

SMOKY QUARTZ:  Grounding; connection with the Earth; protection against radiation; manifestation; abundance.
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  Root & Earth Star

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN:  Courage; persistence; hope; allows one to sense all of the sources of support around one; helps one to recognize assistance from  the Spirit world, especially power animals & animal totems; helps with release of victimization role & assists with taking steps to better one's reality.
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  Root & Third Eye
SODALITE:  Intuition; dreams; spiritual journey;  inner knowing; powerful third eye activation.
Element:  Wind (Air);  Chakras:  Third Eye & Crown

SPHALERITE:  grounding; protection; vitality; strength; energetic balancing; drawing up energy from the Earth; good stone for athletes or those recovering from physical illness.
Element:  Earth, Fire;  Chakras:  Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

SPIRIT QUARTZ:  Spirit Quartz exhibits an unusual growth pattern in that there is a central, large, candle-shaped crystal with a termination, but the body of this central crystal is covered in tiny, single-terminated crystals.  Most Spirit Quartz is Amethyst, with Clear Quartz & Citrine also present to varying degrees in the specimens.  Spirit Quartz is a community of crystals living together in harmony, so that is one of the lessons Spirit Quartz teaches--that of living in harmony with other humans, the Earth, other kingdoms (plant, animal, mineral), and other civilizations.  Amethyst, Clear Quartz. & Citrine lend their energies to this Crystal Ally; alignment of all the bodies:  physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric); spiritual connection & evolution
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All, esp. Crown, Third eye, Solar Plexus (See also Amethyst, Clear Quartz, & Citrine)

SUNSTONE:  Enlightened leadership & teaching based on the good of all, not selfish motives; self-confidence; success; joy; manifestation; creativity.
Element:  Fire;  Chakras:  Navel & Solar Plexus

TANZANITE: Connecting the mind & heart; Spiritual connection; clairvoyance; enlightened compassion; heart-centered spiritual information; calms overactive minds & emotional states; Third Eye opener
Element: Air (Wind); Chakras: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star

TEKTITES:  The energy from the meteoric birth of these powerful stones is coded within their structure, bringing transformational energies to the user; clearing of all chakras; expansion of consciousness; development of galactic consciousness; communication with other realms, star systems, extra-terrestrials; Universal wisdom.  Very powerful!  If you are ready to transform your life, Tektite will assist in a very rapid manner!  Make sure you are ready, for the change will come quickly!
Element:  Storm;  Chakras:  All 

TIBETAN QUARTZ: From the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet & Nepal; most are double-terminated and have black inclusions of an unidentified substance; potent Storm Element energy; Rapid expansion of consciousness; connection with Spirit while being connected into Earth's circuits; rapid clearing of the aura, chakras, meridians; ushers in high frequency light; spiritual transformation; nervous system repair & healing; spiritual purification & protection
Element: Storm; Chakras: All

TIGER EYE, BLUE (HAWK'S EYE):  Third Eye opening; seeing within; seeing through illusion; clairvoyance; intuition; imagination; enhancing psychic abilities
Element:  Air (Wind);  Chakra:  Third Eye

TIGER EYE, GOLD:  Balance; self-esteem; manifestation; grounding; strength; stamina; success; assists in balancing Earth & Fire energies; assists with grounding fiery emotions & conditions, such as anger, rage, etc. & auto-immune conditions, such as arthritis, colitis, etc.
Elements:  Earth & Fire;  Chakras:  Navel, Solar Plexus, & Root

TIGER EYE, RED (TIGER IRON):  Red Tiger Eye contains Red Jasper, Hematite & Tiger Eye.  It is more grounding than Gold Tiger Eye because of the Jasper & Hematite content.  Strength, vitality, stamina; healing; grounding.
Elements:  Earth (& Fire);  Chakras:  Earth Star, Root (& Sacral, Solar Plexus)

TOPAZ, SILVER, WHITE, CLEAR:  Topaz is a Fire stone that inspires creativity & helps to clarify our intentions so that we can focus on whatever it is we wish to create; Spiritual Fire; connecting our sacred mind & guidance received from the higher realms with our solar plexus & center of our will, creation & intention; assistance bringing our creations into existence;  mental clarity; Divine connection; intuition.
Element:  Fire;  Chakras:  Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown, Etheric

TOURMALINATED QUARTZ:  These specimens are Black Tourmaline in Clear Quartz; grounding & purification from the Black Tourmaline combined with high frequency energy from the Clear Quartz enable one to work with the full spectrum of electromagnetic energy available to humanity with this stone; incorporation of full spectrum energy into the aura & body; cleansing & repair of the aura; balancing & energizing of the entire body & electromagnetic field; release of negativity & opening to greater frequencies of light.
Element:  Storm;   Chakras:  All

TREE AGATE (DENDRITIC AGATE): Physical health & healing; Earth healing; connection with Nature, especially the plant kingdom; understanding the connection between humanity and the Earth, we are microcosms of the macrocosm of Earth; Strength & stamina: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual
Element: Earth; Chakras: Root, Heart (All to a lesser degree)

TURQUOISE:  Integrating all parts of the self into wholeness; master healer; enhances the spiritual journey; communion with Spirit; communication; speaking one's truth; teaching.
Elements:  All;  Chakras:  All, especially Throat

UNAKITE JASPER:  Physical healing; balancing physical & emotional aspects of the heart; patience; releasing bad habits; supports treatment for cancers & heart disease.
Element:  Earth;  Chakras:  All, especially Heart

VANADINITE: Creation; vitality; action; energy; if you need to get going on a project and see it through, Vanadinite can help!; hormonal balance; support during pregnancy / fertility.
Element:  Fire  Chakras:  Sacral (Navel), & Root

VESUVIANITE (IDOCRASE):  Vesuvianite is so named because it was first discovered near Mt. Vesuvius.  It carries Earth Element energy & assists with aligning the mind with the physical body; aligning the mind with the physical body; grounding excess Air (Wind) energy, allowing us to organize our thoughts & focus our mental abilities instead of having "monkey mind"; helps us to feel more connected to our physical body; bringing our physical life into alignment with our thoughts & ideas.

Element:  Earth:  Chakras:  All

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