Crystal Grids - How to build your own



Crystal Grids Info
What do you need for a crystal grid?
Here is the thing, You could go CRAZY getting a huge selection of crystals for your grids, but honestly, keeping it super simple is just as effective, and will save you a lot of money.
Your Intention Stone(s)
I recommend 1 larger center stone, or 6-8 (more if desired) small surrounding stones that fit your intention for the grid.
Examples; Love– Rose Quarz, Energy– Orange Carnelian, Connecting to your Spirit– Amethyst, Emotional Healing– Green Aventurine
Clear Quartz Amplifier(s)
I recommend 1 larger center stone, or 6-8 (more if desired) surrounding stones that are clear quartz crystals (tumbled or single terminated points)
Tip: *If you are using an amplifier in the middle of your grid as the amplifier, make sure to use intentions stones around it on the outside of the grid. If you are using a stone in the middle that is for your intention, than be sure to use your amplifiers around it on the outside of the grid. Either combination is effective, and you may choose to use multiple types of intention stones together. I would stick to 1-4 types of stones in a grid)
dividerA place to put it. 🙂
You also need a place to put your grid. I recommend a table top, on a shelf, or in a drawer of a desk. If you plan on moving your grid, you can place it on a small board, or on a painters canvas, so you can move it easily without having to take it down.

What Are Crystal Grids and how to create them...

Crystal grids are placements of crystals with the intention to strengthen or amplify the powers and purpose of one particular crystal, or a specific goal that you have. A collection of crystals strategically placed can be more impactful than a solo crystal.

A crystal grid will take on its own energy, and it can even supercharge an entire space. The crystals' crystalline properties interact with one another when placed in a group, giving off enhanced energies. The grouping or "grid" directs the energy and intention to a specific goal, giving it a little boost. This makes crystal grids really effective when they're used in the home by creating a Perimeter Grid.

Perimeter Grids are helpful - and even powerful! - in enhancing your home's energy, and thankfully, they're super simple to make.

Crystal gridwork is great for giving your personal space an energetic boost. Arranging crystals in a specific pattern helps to amplify their energy. Sacred geometry is the mathematical symmetry that we can find throughout the universe. From the petals on a flower, to music, to cosmology and beyond, sacred geometry finds its origins in nature.

It is the secret coding of our universe - kind of like the blueprint of HTML that creates this website!

Sacred geometry could be its own book, but for the purposes of learning how crystals work when they're placed in a grid, a basic understanding of the Flower of Life can help. This is a circle that is comprised of multiple, evenly-spaced, equally proportioned, circles within it. These circles begin to turn into a flower-like shape, even though they’re just mathematical geometry.

Many scientists, artists, astrologers and intelligent minds like Leonardo da Vinci very famously studied the Flower of Life and its mathematical equations (like the calculations Da Vinci used in the Vitruvian Man which translates to the proportions of the human body). This flower-like shape of sacred geometry can be found in the basic design of every single atom and molecule in existence. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

When we arrange crystals in a way that follows this basic pattern, their energies work together - like one whole; creating a new, amplified energy and vibration. It can really take your crystal work to the next level. And while this may be easier to visualize at a smaller capacity (like an altar grid), it can effectively be done in a perimeter grid on your home.

How to make a grid ..
Crystal grids are created by placing a variety of stones in a pattern, with a specific purpose, intention, or goal.

The stones must be cleansed prior to arranging them in your desired pattern. Stating your intention for your grid followed by a short prayer of gratitude is extremely helpful. The grid should be placed in an area in which it will not be disturbed by pets or small children.

Once your grid is assembled and you have stated the intention and gratitude, the grid should be “activated.” You can activate your grid by using a single terminated clear quartz, pointed downward over the center stone, then moving the quartz over all of the other stones. This task is similar to “connecting the dots.” This task connects the outer stones with the center or master stone.

Before you disassemble your grid to move it or use the stones for something else, say a prayer of thanks. It is always a good idea to cleanse the stones prior to reusing them.

Crystal grids are not meant as a replacement for traditional medical care or a medical diagnosis.

Example of a grid:

• Four energetically cleansed pieces of clear quartz
• Four energetically cleansed pieces of black tourmaline
• One Clear Quartz wand (natural laser wand, or carved)


Before beginning, make sure your crystals are properly cleansed. Your crystals will also benefit from being dedicated, charged, or programmed.


1. Place four pieces of black tourmaline in the four corners of your home. Black stones absorb negative energy and they're also super protective.

As most of our homes aren't a perfect square, try your best to get the crystals in four separate corners. These stones will send out an invisible link to one another, forming a protective barrier around your space. If your home has more than one level, do this on the base/main level. You do not need to grid your garage or basement.
Note: You can also do this in one specific room!

2 (A). Place an dedicated or programmed clear quartz crystal in front of each piece of black tourmaline. Place the clear quartz with its point facing into the black tourmaline. This pulls the negative energy out of your space, and traps it within the protective black stone.

2 (B). Place an dedicated or programmed clear quartz crystal in front of each piece of black tourmaline. Place the clear quartz with its point facing away from the black tourmaline, and pointing into the room. This pushes the characteristics and energy of the black tourmaline into your space.

2 (C). If you want to do both these things, try working with a double terminated clear quartz. This is a crystal with points on either side, and will direct the flow of energy both ways.

3. If there are any other properties you would like to add to your home, say enhancing romance to work on a relationship (rose quartz, pink aventurine, rhodonite, mangano calcite) or if you want your space to help yo unblock creativity and release personal power (tiger's eye), or if you want to draw wealth, prosperity and abundance to yourself (citrine), you can add four of the same stone to each corner, swapping it in for the black tourmaline.

4. Using your Clear Quartz wand, begin in the back left corner of your home and touch the wand to the stones in the corner. Connect the dots by walking to the front right corner, touching the stones there, and repeating these steps around the perimeter of the home until you are back where you started. Your wand will connect and activate the grid.
There are many ways to grid your crystals and many different crystals that can be used. While you're building up your crystal knowledge, it helps to get familiar with which crystals are good for specific intentions.



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