Can you Wear or carry to many crystals?


I get asked this very often! Here’s a great blog post to help! Mainly it’s you using your intuition when working with your crystals. Its a very personal thing 🙂 the crystal WILL let you know if it doesn’t like its company! That’s for sure!!

Can You Carry Or Wear Too Many Crystals?
How many crystals is too many crystals? Is it okay to carry or wear lots of different crystals at the same time? Will the crystal’s energies clash or be less effective in some way?

When people first start working with the properties of crystals they can quickly find themselves with lots of crystals they feel they need. This small collection can grow quickly, pockets become filled with Tumble Stones and wrists can disappear under Crystal Healing bracelets.

Then they start to wonder, if the crystals are losing effectiveness, canceling each other out or causing unseen problems. They hear something somewhere about not wearing certain crystals with other crystals…

Incompatible Crystals?

As always this is just my opinion and experience with stones. Certain crystals will work better with other crystals. Crystals that have similar properties or elements will just naturally work well together. It is important to consider what it is that you want to accomplish with your choice of crystals.

Be aware of crystal properties which seem to be contradicting each other.

Let me give you an example. You chose to wear your Garnet bracelet for increased energy to get things done but you also chose a Variscite bracelet to help keep you calm. This could be an interesting experiment…

The Variscite may help you stop getting stressed while doing what you need to do but it could also just send very mixed signals. It could be like pressing stop and go at the same time.

Think what you want to achieve the most. Crystals have lots of properties and different sources may say different things. What is more important is your intention as that is the energy you are working with.

Almost Always Compatible Crystals:

Crystals of the same or compatible colours.

Crystals with the same or compatible element association.

Crystals with the same zodiac or planetary associations.

Crystals with the same or similar properties, uses and meanings.

Crystals with the same type of energy (Like high vibe crystals).

Crystals of the same mineral group (Like all types of Quartz).

Crystals for the same Chakra or Chakra group (See my book Crystal Healing For the Chakras for more info).

There are no concrete rules for crystals that won’t work well together in my opinion, just use common sense. In most cases mixing crystals will never be an issue. The worst that could happen is that the crystals may just cancel each other out like the example I gave above.

If you’re not sure about the elements, astrological associations or more importantly the energetic properties of the crystals you have then invest in a good metaphysical Crystal Encyclopedia. I think it is essential if you are going to work with crystals..

Will The Crystals be Less Effective?

When working with several crystals at once you are drawing on different energies. These may be similar or all different, depending on your needs. It is normal to work with different crystals in Crystal Healing. Creating Crystal Grids, gemstone jewellery, chakra balancing all require lots of different crystals.

When it comes to carrying crystals or wearing them, the more different energies you have the more you have going on. It is always a good idea to focus on a few things that are most important to you when choosing several stones.

If the crystals you have are different but all have properties which are helpful towards your desired goal this is okay. These types of energies are compatible and not conflicting in any way.

How Many Crystals is Too Many Crystals?

I know some people who have a bag filled with different crystals that they take with them everywhere. I think what we consider t be “too many crystals” really depends on the person. Chakra jewellery often consists of seven or more different crystals and I have never heard anyone have an issue with that. I would say seven is perfectly acceptable number for most people. More than that will depend on you.

If you find wearing or carrying a certain amount of crystals makes you feel light headed or confused then cut back.

Sometimes too many crystals can be overwhelming, ungrounding or may over energize you. Some people can carry or wear lots of crystals while others can only really handle 2 or three different stones at the same time.

What I carry or wear

For me personally currently I carry one crystal in my pocket. With bracelets or a pendant I may have two to four more crystals on me at one time. Most days it is two or three different types of crystal in total. Again this is just me and how I tend to use crystals on a day-to-day basis. I have a pouch full in my bag at all times, and usually pick a few extras for the day. My add ins are different each day depending on what types are calling me to carry them.


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