About Angel Eyes Shop




A majority of our products are from a US supplier based out of Massachusetts. Other products are sourced from International suppliers, we search for quality mostly hand made products to bring you a choice unmatched. Our goal is to build long standing quality relationships with our clients and provide you with trustworthy customer service you wont get elsewhere. Give us a chance and I bet you will be a forever friend who will have somewhere to go trustworthy to attain your spiritual and life balance pieces for the future and now. Thank you for your trust and for giving us a chance. I assure you will be pleased with the service you receive. 


Hello, I would like to introduce myself, I am Gail Bordonaro I am a Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Daughter. I created this shop with this hopes to finally live my life purpose and this is to help others. I have some facebook groups that I run with the goal of helping others. I decided to try to run my own store finally after many years of going back and forth with different sales jobs and positions. I decided I wanted to try to build a store on my own and hopefully make it a personal shopping experience where others like to come and see whats new or see what can help them in any way during Life. I do hand pick each item in the shop with the hopes of helping others, whether its positivity, self love and embrace, Spiritually, Physically, and soulfully. I believe that taking this step to build my own shop will help to encourage my 3 daughters and show them you can do anything you put your mind to. I put my ALL into this shop, many many hours, no sleep, and endless days to try to make it a perfect shopping experience for you. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need someone to talkk to or just to say hello! I look forward to connecting with my customers (friends) and hope that I can bring some positivity and sunshine into your life. Thank you for taking a chance and visiting my shop, Know you are very appreciated and are helping me to live my dream. so THANK YOU! 


News Update ! Angel Eyes Shop is always changing our inventory- We are Always looking for new products to carry- with that said: I am so excited! We now will be carrying all types of spiritual products that are made and sold in USA, Including Tarot, Angel cards- crystals,tapestries, Books, candles , kits and so much more!!

STAY TUNED for all the new products to be added Daily! 





A little more about Angel Eyes Shop~ 

I want to thank you for stopping by, I am a mother who decided to take a leap of faith and create my own online shop to try to be independent and help others while doing so. I hope you enjoy your shopping experience in my shop and want you to know you are helping me fulfill my life purpose and help others. This is my goal and my reason for this shop and for living. To help others, Please feel free to reach out to me if you are looking for a particular product or to even just say hello. My customers are my FRIENDS who are supporting my help others beliefs and sharing in my help others vision. Be sure to check out our facebook page- as I said its all about helping others and this is my goal. THANK YOU for being you and for taking a peek at my shop. Now the about the shop, what it is why it is and who its for: 

We are not just a spiritual Shop, we are a state of mind, a community of like minded individuals who are all here to help support and encourage one another. 

 I look forward to joining you on your journey through life, I am here to support and encourage you along the way with beautiful pieces that will help balance your Mind Body & Soul  

Each piece individually selected to help you achieve balance in your life and help you be the best YOU can be to encourage your inner soul to serve your highest good. We look forward to featuring specific pieces to help you achieve higher vibrations and align you with your highest self. Positivity and good vibes is what I  hope to bring to you. I hope you enjoy this shopping experience and will come back and check out the new stuff I add all the time.  

We will have special offers and special guests from time to time from the spiritual community to help you become the best you can be, everyone will gain enlightenment from the experiences from this page.

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