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Posted by Gail bordonaro on

A little about me:
I come from a family of gifted mediums, some well known and others who are becoming more known in the world, while at this time I don’t do individual readings (yet) I do recognize I possess a gift of working with Angels and am beginning to tune more into it daily. I as many of us am still learning and always will be learning. A part of my gift comes from writings, mostly poems where I believe I am channeling messages from Angels, I am working on more ways to communicate and share my gift each day. I feel I am being pushed in a way β€”by my Angels and Guides to work on this as much as possible to fine tune this gift so I can be of service and give help to others. I understand my purpose is to help others as when I do this, I find myself happiest and fulfilled-This leads me to believe this is my purpose and I am on the right path towards that.
I have so much gratitude for many things right now especially all of you and this group. You are all helping me to expand my gift and learn each day, As I gain more confidence in myself and my words I share, I will soon begin to offer individual readings as I understand this is the next step for me to develop and move forward with this gift I was blessed with.

Thank you for sharing with me when your cards and messages are relatable to you as this helps give me the confidence to go on and shows me I am meant to share these messages with you and others.
I appreciate all of your kind words and your encouragement and look forward to learning and being on this journey together with all of you. So for today I must show my gratitude and give thanks to you for joining me on this beautiful journey we are embarking on.
Lots of Blessings and Love to you all, May you all find your purpose on this life path and live fulfilled and happy lives, I do hope I am able to help you in some way and maybe help you uncover and develop your gifts as well.

With lots of Love & Blessings,

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